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Stephanie Tantillo: What To Look For In An Onion

Spanish onions are incredibly versatile and full of flavor.


Gotham West Market. (credit: CBS 2)

Dining Deal: Gotham West Market

Located on Eleventh Avenue at 44th Street, the Gotham West Market has a smartly curated collection of restaurants offering a great selection of high quality, well priced dishes.


Diners at The Pullman Kitchen on 2nd Ave can take their pick of grown up grilled cheese options. (Credit CBS 2)

Dining Deal: Pullman Kitchen On Second Ave

Diners can head to the Pullman to try the beast of Midtown East, a massive 5-lbs sandwich stuffed with sweet sausage, broccoli rabe, sweet peppers, and mozzarella cheese.


Tony at Norman's Cay

Dining Deal: Norman’s Cay

As the weather turns cold, it’s nice to think of the sunny climate of the Caribbean and Bahamas — and the delicious cuisine they have to offer.



Dining Deal: Mumbles

Tony Tantillo visited a classic New York City favorite in the Union Square area for this week’s Dining Deal.


(credit: Garrett Ziegler)

Dining Deal: Tres Carnes

It’s Mexican food with an authentic Texas touch. CBS 2’s Tony Tantillo visited Tres Carne for this week’s Dining Deal.


Tony At Central Kitchen

Dining Deal: Central Kitchen

Whether your favorite meal is breakfast, lunch or dinner — Central Kitchen in New Jersey has you covered.


Havana Libre

Dining Deal: Havana Libre

Havana Libre is located on 10th Ave. between 48th and 49th Streets and the restaurant is open every day for lunch and dinner.


Dining Deal

Dining Deal: Potatopia

A favorite side dish takes center stage at this new West Village eatery. Tony Tantillo visited Potatopia for this week’s Dining Deal.


Dining_Deal_Tony_Tantillo Button

Tony Tantillo’s Dining Deal: The Olde Stone Mill In Tuckahoe

The Olde Stone Mill Tavern is a cotton mill that was transformed into a restaurant about a decade ago. CBS 2’s Tony Tantillo takes us to Westchester for a delicious meal at a great price, served at a historic location.


(credit: CBS 2)

Dining Deal: Jack’s Wife Freda

CBS 2’s Tony Tantillo takes us to Jack’s Wife Freda,a SoHo cafe with an unusual name, open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Snap Sports Bar

Tony Tantillo’s Dining Deal: Snap Sports Bar

CBS2’s Tony Tantillo checks out some gameday food at Snap Sports Bar in this week’s Dining Deal.


The Linc (credit: CBS 2)

Tony Tantillo’s Dining Deal: The Linc

Hell’s Kitchen is emerging as a vibrant residential neighborhood, with some great new restaurants. CBS 2’s Tony Tantillo checks out The Linc for this week’s Dining Deal.


Tony Tantillo at Dogmatic (CBS 2)

Tony Tantillo’s Dining Deal: Dogmatic

In this edition of Tony Tantillo’s Dining Deal, Tony shows off some of the franks at “Dogmatic,” a restaurant just west of Union Square, that doesn’t use any nitrates or hormones in its gourmet hot dogs.


Marzullo's (credit: CBS 2)

Tony Tantillo’s Dining Deal: Marzullo’s

For this morning’s Dining Deal, we drop by a family-run business that’s been serving customers for generations.