B&C Morning Show: Do You Know More Sports Than... Ashley?After Ashley answered just five out of 10 questions correctly, it seemed like ol' Babylon Billy might have a shot...
B&C Morning Show: Brianne Brings Dry Muffins, Squares Off Against AndrewBrianne brought with her some muffins for Boomer "The Birthday Boy," which Booms seemed to like, but Craig found to be a little too dry for his liking.
B&C Morning Show: Samantha Outsmarts Tommy 'The Breakfast Coordinator'The lovely Samantha made her way in to the Allstate Studio this morning so that she could meet Boomer and Craig, answer some questions, and most importantly, have a little fun.
B&C Morning Show: At Least Brittany Showed Up To Play The GameDespite possessing very little sports knowledge, a young gal by the name of Brittany made her way to the Allstate Studio with hopes of winning herself some tickets to a game.
B&C Morning Show: Melissa Answers 5 'Giant' Questions And Wins Some TicketsShe scored herself some Nets tickets -- and for that she was thrilled.
B&C Morning Show: Five Questions For ChrissieUnfortunately, by the time Chrissie made her way in, time was a little short, so instead Craig threw five questions at her with the promise of Eagles-Giants tickets if she answered all five correctly.
B&C Morning Show: Do You Know More Sports Than...Today’s contestant is the lovely Graciela or cheeks, like her friends call her. This beauty resides in Staten Island and is a huuuuuuge Yankee fan
B&C Morning Show: Do You Know More Sports Than...Hot Jenna Burke?Jenna Burke made a name for herself after she appeared in the reality TV show 'The Bachelor' and got little crazy. Wednesday she made her way into Manhattan to join Boomer & Craig.
B&C Morning Show: Do You Know More Sports Than...Hot Cynthia?Today, Boomer and Craig welcomed in a young gal by the name of Cynthia into the Allstate Studio, so that she could compete in the wildly popular trivia contest that is taking the nation by storm.
The Dukes Report: Do You Know More Sports Than A Hot Chick?Now, one of Al's favorite weekly segments is "Do you know more sports than a hot chick?" And the reason for that is simple. Instead of staring at Boomer and Craig all morning, he gets to look at a hot chick.
B&C Morning Show: Do You Know More Sports Than...Hot Erika?Boomer and Craig were more than happy to welcome the lovely Erika into the Allstate Studio so that she could participate in a little trivia contest know simply as 'Do You know More Sports Than...'
B&C Morning Show: Do You Know More Sports Than...Hot Lauren?With the 4th of July holiday falling on a Wednesday, we decided to switch things up a little bit and play the wildly popular trivia game 'Do You Know More Sports Than...' today.

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