No-Shave November: Best Facial Products for MenA month without shaving means that it is time for No-Shave November. Discover some of the best facial products for men.
Dove Campaign Teaches Girls To Embrace Their Curly HairJennifer Healy, Dove's senior marketing director, and three girls featured in the ad campaign stopped by the CBS2 studios to talk with Diane Macedo about how the initiative started and how far it has gone.
Jersey Girls Fire Back At 'Offensive' Ad, Say The Garden State Isn't An ArmpitFrustrated that New Jersey was about to be called the "Armpit of America" in a national ad campaign a group of women took it upon themselves to create a new image for the Garden State.
New Jersey Women Take A Stand Against Canceled Dove Ad CampaignThey were angered by proposed 'Dove' billboards that read "Dear New Jersey, when people call you the armpit of America, take it as a compliment."
Dove Dumps NJ 'Armpit Of America' Ad CampaignDove had planned to post billboards in New Jersey starting in July telling residents to embrace being called "The Armpit of America.''
Yeah, Real Funny: Dove Blasted Over New Jersey 'Armpit' BillboardAt first glance it’s seemingly harmless advertisement for Dove, with a woman showing her underarm. But then you notice snarky punch line.

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