Forget About Shots, Allergy Sufferers Can Now Find Relief In ToothpasteIt turns out the mucus membranes of the mouth are a really good way to show allergens to the immune system so it stops over reacting to things like pollen or mold.
Those Aches In Your Knees, Hips And Back Could Actually Be A Pain In The ButtThe problem may not be coming from those body parts, but actually from your behind.
Distraction, Restlessness In Adults: Is It Dementia Or Is It ADHD?As Americans grow older, doctors are seeing more coming in with symptoms that look like early dementia or Alzheimer's, but is it really?
App Helping To Keep Asthma Patients Out Of The ERWatching 3-year-old Karma Taylor play, you might think there is nothing that slows her down. But like more than 6 million other children in the U.S., Karma has asthma, which used to get so bad, she often wound up in the emergency department.
3D Printed Knee Replacements Could Offer Decades Of Pain Free MobilityThere are 750,000 total knee replacements done every year, and that number has been going way up as baby boomers wear out their knees.
Seen At 11: Plastic Surgery Is The Latest Trend Taking Over SnapchatSocial media leaves no stone unturned and now it's even venturing inside the operating room.
Study: Location Of Colon Cancer May Affect Chance Of SurvivalThe location of cancer in colon cancer patients may predict the chance of survival, new research suggests.
Women 'Microwaving' Armpits To Reduce Underarm Hair, SweatSome women are taking part in an unusual cosmetic medical treatment by “microwaving” their armpits all in the name of beauty.
New Type Of White Blood Cell Therapy Offers Hope For Type-1 Diabetes SufferersThere was exciting news Monday, for the 1.5-million people who suffer from type-1 diabetes in the U.S.
Advocates Urge Compassion During ‘React With Respect’ Food Allergy Awareness WeekEvery three minutes a food allergy reaction sends someone to the emergency room. It's a growing problem that could be life threatening for millions.
Patients Beware: Experts Say Your Favorite Health App Could Provide False InformationEveryone has heard the saying 'there's an app for that' and one of the hottest areas for apps these days is in health and wellness.
New-Generation Gamma Knives Allow For Brain Surgery Without IncisionsBrain surgery for any reason can be a risky proposition, because it is hard not to damage normal brain tissue during an operation.

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