New Jersey Woman Finally Gets Kidney Transplant After Craigslist Donor Fell ThroughWhen CBS2 first met Nina Saria in 2015, she was getting ready for surgery.
Long Island Doctor Develops Surgery-Free Treatment For Dupuytren's DiseaseThe hand condition dupuytren's disease causes a thickening and contraction of the sheet of connective tissue in the palms and fingers.
Seasonal Blues Can Lead To Debilitating Depression If Not Addressed, Experts SayThe third Monday of the new year is said to be the saddest day of the year, and January is the saddest month.
New Technology Brings Independence To People Suffering From ALS, Parkinson’sThat's the reality for millions of people suffering from disabilities like ALS, paralysis, Parkinson's and more.
Doctors May Be Able To Predict Who Is At Risk For Depression During PregnancyDepression during and after pregnancy is a serious and potentially dangerous health problem for women and their developing baby.
‘It’s A Form Of Prevention,’ Doctors Tout HPV Vaccine In Fight Against Several CancersIn an unusual move cancer centers around the country have called for more children to be vaccinated for HPV.
Inhalable Insulin Offers New Approach To Diabetes TreatmentThere's an exciting development for people who take insulin to control their diabetes. There's a new way to do it -- largely replacing needles with an inhaler.
Moisturize And Avoid Hot Showers; Experts Share Skin Care Tips For The Winter MonthsIn addition to making people feel miserable, the frigid winter weather can also wreak havoc on our skin.
Experimental Vaccine Shows Promising Results In Fight Against HerpesThere has been a possible breakthrough for the millions of Americans suffering with herpes outbreaks.
What Makes A 'Superfood' So Super?Many people look to superfoods as dietary super heroes -- edibles that will save us from our former bad habits.
Robotic Pets Show Benefits For Alzheimer's, Dementia PatientsA quick look and you'll think you're looking at a real, live affectionate kitty -- but they're actually amazingly realistic robots. The kitty purrs, blinks, rubs its face and even rolls over -- but that's not the most remarkable part.
Start Slow With Diet, Exercise Resolutions, Experts AdviseMillions of Americans are making their standard New Year’s resolutions, which include losing weight by exercising and dieting.

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