Dr. Max Gomez: More CPR Instruction Training For 911 Operators Could Help Save LivesThere could be a way to train 911 operators to make them more effective when callers don't know what to do.
Pediatricians Divided Over ‘Cry-It-Out’ Style Of Sleep TrainingMost pediatricians think it's okay to let babies cry themselves back to sleep at 4 to 6 months, but a new movement says parents can sleep train babies at 2 months.
Seen At 11: Cocoa Could Help Reverse Memory Loss By DecadesNew research shows a component of cocoa may actually help reverse memory loss associated with aging by decades.
This Is Why It's So Hard To Keep Weight Off After Losing ItEver wonder why it's so hard to lose weight and then so easy to gain it back, even when you're really trying to keep it off?
Artificial Meniscus Replacements Could Mean An End To Chronic Knee PainWhen a torn meniscus is removed or wears away, doctors don't have a lot to offer short of knee replacement surgery.
Experts: Painkillers May Be Especially Addictive, Dangerous For TeensYoung athletes are often given powerful pain medication – and that can create some major problems.
20-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Stealing The Show At Vatican International Cancer ConferenceDoctors, patients and politicians are meeting at the Vatican to discuss breakthroughs and future treatments.
Study: Genetic Test May Allow Breast Cancer Patients To Avoid ChemotherapyWomen diagnosed with early stage breast cancer are often recommended to have chemotherapy, but a genetic test may now spare some women the misery.
Study: Rotating Shift Work Could Boost Risk Of Coronary Heart DiseaseThere are 15-million Americans who do some kind of rotating shift work, including overnights, evenings, and early morning shifts.
Doctors Using New Methods To Ease Pain For Premature BabiesIt used to be thought that the brains of newborns, especially preemies, were not developed enough to feel pain, but that concept is changing.
Ohio Teen Suffering Dozens Of Seizures A Day Finds Relief Through Experimental SurgeryCollin and his family sought help at Cleveland Clinic. Using sophisticated mapping tools doctors pinpointed the exact spot in Collin's brain that was causing the seizures.
Hospital Offers Safer Alternative To Increasingly Popular Home BirthsHome births are up 40 percent in the past decade, for women who want a calmer, less technological birthing experience.

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