Dr. Max Gomez

Seen At 11: Your Hair Could Hold The Key To Diagnosing Serious Health ProblemsWhat if someone told you that discovering something that might happen in your future could be as easy as looking in the mirror today.
Possible Link Between Melanoma, Viagra Could Have Users Feeling A Little BlueThe study is worrisome, 25,000 male health professionals were followed for ten years. During that time researchers tracked which men developed melanoma, and whether they took Viagra.
Dr. Max Gomez: Fight Fall Allergies Before They StartAs summer winds down, it's a good time to start fighting your fall allergies before they hit.
FDA: Unapproved Substances In Eardrops Can Cause Serious Side EffectsEaraches can be painful for any child, and parents may worry about what medicine is best to give their kids.
New Study Reveals Picky Eating Could Signal Serious Issues In KidsThe Duke University study in the Journal of Pediatrics suggests it could be a signal of emotional issues a small portion of picky eater children.
Dr. Max Gomez: Dispelling Hot Weather Health MythsIn this heat you'll probably hear a lot of advice about how to keep cool and safe. Some of it is legit and some is pretty far off base.
Woman Undergoes Painstaking Procedure To Reverse Botched Butt AugmentationHere’s a serious warning about cut-rate plastic surgery and its terrible consequences. CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez recently spoke to one young woman about her agonizing ordeal.
FDA Tells Food Industry To Phase Out Artificial Trans FatsThe Obama administration is cracking down on artificial trans fats, calling them a threat to public health.
Pen And Paper Test Can Detect Alzheimer's Symptoms Early, Experts SaySome 5 million Americans are battling Alzheimer’s disease, and those numbers are expected to triple in the coming years. But there is now a simple at-home test to help spot telltale problems early.
Children With Eye Problems May Be Misdiagnosed With ADDTo be able to read and learn effectively, both eyes have to work together as a team, Dr. Max Gomez reported.
Dr. Max Gomez: Research Finds Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers Can Help Keep The Lbs. OffWarm weather has arrived and people's thoughts have turned to losing weight for bathing suit season.
Seen At 11: Could A Little Pink Pill Be The Answer To Low Sex Drive In Women?The drug maker, Sprout, said 45 percent of women who took the drug experienced increased desire.