Tech Fair Touts Products That Help Patients & Caregivers Cope With Alzheimer'sAs terrible as it is for the patient, it's often even harder for the family and caregivers. Thankfully, technology may be making that burden a little easier.
Study: Organs From Victims Of Opioid Overdoses Offer New Hope To Patients Waiting For TransplantsSome good may be coming out of the tragic and troubling increase of opioid deaths in the United States.
Could Smell Be The Key To Unlocking Memories For People With Dementia?Neuroscience tells us that the sense of smell is closely associated to memory centers in the brain. So why not use aromas to counter age-related memory loss?
Cannabis Compound CBD May Offer Medical Marijuana Benefits Without The HighAs medical uses for marijuana continue to grow there are many people who might consider it but don’t like the high that comes with it. As CBS2’s Dr. Max Gomez reports, that’s where a marijuana extract called CBD comes in.
Health Watch: New Study Says Reading To Young Children Helps Combat ADDChildren with Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADD, have a very tough time behaving and paying attention in school. But what if there were a non-drug with no bad side effect treatment that could help?
Screening For Lynch Syndrome Can Help Prevent Colon CancerIf lynch syndrome is detected early, a patient can begin more frequent cancer screenings and colon cancer can actually be prevented if pre-cancerous polyps are found and removed.
Spring Flu Or Allergies? Influenza Season Not Over YetFlu season peaked in February and has decrease dramatically in the Tri-State Area, but flu seasons have long tails and we may see cases even into May.
Breakthrough In Prosthetic Technology Restores Sensation For AmputeesWhile prosthetics have gotten much better in movement, bringing back the sensation of touch has proved a much tougher problem.
Study: Children Given Antacids, Antibiotics Early In Life May Have Higher Risk For AllergiesCould taking antacids and antibiotics be the cause of your child's peanut allergy, eczema, or even asthma?
New Drug Offers Possible Treatment For Some Core Symptoms Of AutismAutism covers a broad range of symptoms and severity, which is why it is referred to as ASD, or Autism Spectrum Disorder. The core symptoms, however, are common across the board.
Toddler Cane Giving Confidence To Children Who Cannot See Their WorldA new device is giving visually impaired toddlers their chance to move, explore and learn without the risk of falls and fears.
Hospital In Brooklyn Combines Hand Washing With High Tech To Prevent In-House InfectionsThose infections can be very hard and very expensive to treat, as well as being a leading cause of death in hospitals.

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