Montclair, N.J. High School Students Say Dress Code Discriminates Against GirlsSome female students in Montclair, New Jersey say they were shamed in school for what they were wearing, and have called the school dress code sexist.
Students Heated Over Clothing Crackdown At Staten Island High School It may be fashion week in the city, but students at one Staten Island school aren't talking about the latest styles on the runway.
Confusion About Alleged Leggings Ban At Conn. High School Spurs DebateBut it got us thinking: Where and how would you draw the line on what's appropriate to wear to school? Tell us your thoughts and comments, and tune in at 5 to see if we use your comment on air.
Teen Students Call Connecticut High School's Dress Code 'Body Shaming'Two sisters are fighting to change the dress code at their high school. They led a protest of students, who said they're sick of being told to "cover up."
NYC Says Dress Code Posted By Some Jewish Shop Owners Is 'Discrimination' Sam Gold said he can't believe the city is taking him to court over a sign posted last summer at his store in the Hasidic enclave of Williamsburg.
Williamsburg Businesses Enforce Strict Dress CodesHasidic Jews in Williamsburg, Brooklyn adhere to a strict dress code that makes them easily identifiable. Now some business owners may be trying to force that dress code on everybody who visits their store or restaurant, according to some residents.
NYC Public School Imposes Dress Code For Teachers, Bans JeansA dress code for students is standard at most schools, but at P.S. 64 Robert Simon School, teachers are being told how to dress for class.
NYC Votes To Change Taxi Driver Dress CodeThe city's Taxi and Limousine Commission voted unanimously to amend existing regulations to require that drivers maintain "a professional appearance."
NYC To Vote On Change To Taxi Driver Dress CodeThe current regulations prohibit underwear worn as outerwear. Tank tops and swimwear are also no-nos.
TLC To Hold Hearing On Taxi Driver Dress CodeCurrently the cabbie dress code emphasizes what not to wear, which includes swimming shorts, tube tops and tank tops.
Regulators Want New Dress Code For NYC CabbiesCurrently, cabbies can be fined for violating the dress code. It bans tube shirts, tank tops and bathing trunks.
NJ Students' Reactions Mixed Over New Uniform MandateIn September, students at Lodi High School will be required to wear school uniforms in a policy similar to what the town’s middle school implemented last year - and many students aren't happy about it.

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