Boomer & Carton Podcast & MOTD: October 26, 2015While discussing some of Tom Coughlin's comments following the Giants' win on Sunday, Craig got into character and then "The" Eddie Scozzare displayed his great timing.
Boomer & Carton: Leonard Nimoy Passes Away, William Shatner Misses FuneralBoomer was a little surprised that no one mentioned the passing of 'The' Eddie Scozzare's hero, Leonard Nimoy, this morning.
Boomer & Carton: 'The' Eddie Scozzare Gets A Little Smarmy'The' Eddie Scozzare (pictured posing with the Heisman Trophy) decided to open up his microphone and drop some football knowledge this morning, only to have Craig scold him.
Boomer & Carton: Craig Unaware That 'The' Eddie Scozzare Is His ElderAlso revealed during this segment, Boomer has earned himself a few extra vacation days -- which seems about right...
Boomer & Carton: 'The' Eddie Scozzare Takes A Shot At Craigie'The' Eddie Scozzare was feeling his oats this morning, which was clear after he compared Craig to a parasite or a remora.
Boomer & Carton: 'Show And Tell' Featuring 'The' Eddie ScozzareEddie (pictured looking a bit dejected) provided the guys with a couple of maps from his two favorite ski resorts and planned on filling them in on what makes these places so special to him.
B&C Morning Show: Boomer's Love For Dickey & Craig's Need For ChaosWhile Craig was trying to gauge the interest level fans might have in getting their hands on Mets tickets, Boomer told his radio partner that he was not planning on paying him the rest of the money he owes to him for their Mets' season tickets.
B&C Morning Show: Al Dukes' Bargain Hunting Hello Leads To A 'Moan-Off'Al Dukes offered up a hearty 'bargain hunting' Hellooo!!! for the lovely Persephanie, which according to Craig, was more than enough to get the job done.
B&C Morning Show: 'A Sure Thing' And 'Man Stink' -- You Can Practically Smell ItBoomer and Craig have been toying with the idea of coming out with a line of colognes, as part of the ever-expanding 'Boomer and Carton Brand'.
B&C Morning Show: Ichiro's New HR Call Leads To HilarityWith Ichiro Suzuki officially becoming a member of the Yankees yesterday, inevitably Craig got to wondering what the legendary John Sterling might utter when the newest Bomber hits one 'high, far and gone'?
B&C Morning Show: Wednesday's Podcast & MOTDToday's highly anticipated 'Moment of the Day' occurred when Craig was reflecting on his childhood and briefly reached some common with Al Dukes and 'the' Eddie Scozzare, very briefly...
B&C Morning Show: Craig Reads An Excerpt From '50 Shades Of Grey'After having his manhood questioned by a caller for reading '50 Shades of Grey', Craig felt the need to defend himself.

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