Erika Weber

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Acupuncturist Erika Weber Talks Men’s Health On The Couch

Acupuncturist Erika Weber took a trip to The Couch to talk about acupuncture and how it is increasingly being used to treat health issues that men face.


4.23.13 Erika Weber

Relieving Morning Sickness, Pregnancy Pains With Acupuncture

Licensed acupuncturist Erika Weber says the symptoms can be relieved with acupuncture. She visited The Couch on Tuesday to tell us more about how the ancient Chinese practice can help.


3.4.13 Celebrity Solutions

Holistic Health Trends: Latest Celebrity Wellness Techniques

Earseeds and government-approved leech therapy are just some of the latest holistic trends celebrities are trying out. Acupuncturist Erika Weber joined us on The Couch to show us some techniques used by stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Penelope Cruz and Demi Moore.


Acupuncturist Erika Weber on The Couch.

Holisitic Healing To Fight The Cold Weather Blues

Acupuncturist Erika Weber visited The Couch to show us a few holistic ways to get the energy flowing and improve our moods.


Licensed acupuncturist Erika Weber on The Couch on Monday, Nov. 12, 2012. (credit: The Couch)

Licensed Acupuncturist Erika Weber Talks Holistic Cold Remedies

Licensed acupuncturist Erika Weber visited The Couch on Monday to show off some holistic ways to take care of the sniffles.