Palladino: Yankees Shouldn't Wait To Extend Girardi's ContractBrian Cashman rebuilt a Yankees farm system that has presented Joe Girardi with a much-needed supply of young blood. That’s a good thing. But one more item needs tending to: a contract extension for the manager, himself.
Palladino: Forget Utility Player, Mets Should Plant Reyes At Third BaseTerry Collins may never say it outright, but he has a decision to make about Jose Reyes starting Friday when the Mets gather for official full-squad workouts
Palladino: Cutting Cruz Stings, But It Was Necessary For Giants' FutureIn the end, $7.5 million was just too much for general manager Jerry Reese to spend on a third wide receiver, even an immensely popular one whose name should ultimately end up in the team’s Ring of Honor.
Palladino: Mets' D'Arnaud Desperately Needs A Breakout SeasonIf you’re Noah Syndergaard or Matt Harvey or Jacob deGrom, or anyone on the Mets’ pitching staff for that matter, you probably couldn’t wait to report to Port St. Lucie on Sunday.
Palladino: Sanchez’s Decision To Skip WBC Shows He’s All InNo matter how Gary Sanchez performs this year, give him credit for staying focused and keeping his eye on the task before him.
Palladino: Jets' Best Choice For QB, Garoppolo, Will Never Get HereRegardless if the Jets use their No. 6 pick in the draft on a quarterback, they will still need to find a veteran somewhere to bridge the developmental gap.
Palladino: Patriots Earned G.O.A.T. Label In Breathtaking FashionThe terms of greatness aren’t always defined by how much one blows out an opponent. It often comes from beating the odds.
Palladino: 5 Keys To Victory For The Patriots And FalconsNow that the bulk of Super Bowl Week activities/distractions have been conducted, the Patriots and Falcons will spend the rest of their time concentrating on the real issue -- the game.
Palladino: Jets' Impatience Allowed Quinn To Land With FalconsHad Arthur Blank acted a little less patiently as the 2014 season wound toward the Super Bowl, the Falcons’ owner might have had Todd Bowles as his new head coach.
Palladino: Patriots Are A Dynasty, Thanks To A Revolving Door Of TalentIt has gotten to the point where seeing the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl elicits more shrugs than raised eyebrows. So much for parity.
Palladino: Falcons More Vulnerable To Super Distractions Than PatriotsThe message from coaches approaching Super Bowl Week is generally the same year to year. “Enjoy the experience,” they say. “But not too much.”
Palladino: Give Belichick 2 Weeks And He Can Stop AnyoneFor all of Belichick’s four Super Bowl victories over the previous 16 years coaching the Patriots, one must never forget that way, way back, he, too, was once the hot defensive coordinator.

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