Escaped prisoner

Tiffany Neumann talks to reporters as she is led out of the First Precinct police station, after allegedly escaping custody and being re-arrested. (Credit: CBS2)

Alleged Police Escapee: ‘I Broke Out Of The Handcuffs’

Tiffany Neumann, 23, was taken into custody around 8:45 a.m. Tuesday, police said.


Tiffany Neumann (credit: NYPD)

NYPD Officer Suspended After Prisoner Escapes From Hospital

The NYPD is still searching for Tiffany Neumann, 23, who fled from NewYork-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital around 10 p.m., authorities said.


Police search for an escaped prisoner near Park Row on Aug. 30, 2015. (credit: CBS2)

NYPD: Prisoner Escapes Custody At Hospital In Lower Manhattan

The prisoner escaped from custody at New York-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital at 41 Park Row, police said.


Arthur Collins (Credit: NYPD)

Burglary Suspect Escapes From Harlem Police Station

Arthur Collins, 57, of the Bronx, was being booked at the 25th Precinct station house when he escaped around 7:10 p.m.


Police say Bryan McMenamin escaped custody in Queens. (credit: NYPD)

Search Is On For Alleged Drug Dealer Who Escaped Police Custody In Queens

The suspect Bryan McMenamin, 38, has been described as white male, 5’8″, with a bald head, he was wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers.


Police are looking for William Monge-Betancourt who escaped during a motor vehicle stop on Friday night. (Credit NYPD)

Search Is On For Escaped Prisoner William Monge-Betancourt, 23

The NYPD has asked the public for help in locating a suspect who escaped from police custody on Friday night.


Prisoner Escape

Police Hunt For Prisoner Who Escaped In Lower Manhattan

Police sources confirmed that the male prisoner went missing around 8 p.m. from the central booking section of the courthouse complex at 100 Centre St.


Vincens Vuktilaj escaped from police custody on May 6, 2013. (credit: NYPD)

Police Apprehend Escaped Prisoner In Harlem

Vincens Vuktilaj was being walked down the stairs from his apartment when he pushed an officer down and ran off, police said.


Brandon Santana (credit: NYPD)

NYPD: Murder Suspect Asks To Use Bathroom, Escapes From Custody In Brooklyn

The man who got away is 24-year-old Brandon Santana of Brooklyn, who’d just been picked up for a murder he allegedly committed two and a half years ago. Then, while in police custody on Wednesday night, he escaped.