Commuters board MTA bus. (Photo by Daniel Barry/Getty Images)

MTA’s Courtesy Campaign Extends To Bus Etiquette

The ads are part of a broader courtesy campaign that began underground on ads throughout city subway cars.


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Rules For Tipping This Holiday Season

With the holiday season in full swing, now is the time to show thanks to all the people who help you out throughout the year and that holiday tip list can get pretty long– and costly.


People ride the New York City subway into Manhattan  (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

MTA Plans New Campaign Reminding Commuters To Be Courteous To Each Other

Among the behaviors they’re hoping to correct: Hogging multiple seats and taking over the entire pole in a subway car.



New Yorkers Make Headlines For Stinky Food Habits

New Yorkers who consume stinky food in the subway and other confined spaces apparently have become such a problem that they’ve been making headlines this weekend.


Thomas Farley on The Couch (credit: WLNY)

Learning Proper Wedding Etiquette

There are so many rules of etiquette, whether you are the bride or groom or a guest.


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Manners Expert Explains The Do’s And Don’ts Of Re-Gifting

Not everybody is in love with every gift that they received this holiday season, but it isn’t too late to turn unwanted gifts into re-gifts.


US Open Fans

Expert Etiquette Tips For The US Open

Aside from the on-court action, courtside behavior is also in play. Etiquette expert Thomas Farley joined The Couch on Tuesday to shed some light on proper behavior when at Arthur Ashe Stadium.


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Valentine’s Day Gift-Giving Etiquette

“Do have a plan? That is the number one advice I would give to any guy,” said matchmaker Marni Galison.


Place Setting (file / credit:

Westbury High School Offers Etiquette Class

Math, science, and history are all very important classes at the Westbury school district, but another class will also help young people grow up to be proper adults.


Family Dinner

Etiquette Classes For Kids In NY, NJ, Conn.

Programs and classes in and around NYC to teach children proper manners and etiquette.