Yankees COO: Ticket Sales Are 'Rough' For Bronx Bombers"Between the hurricane and the snowstorm, we're monitoring it," Yankees chief operating officer Lonn Trost told WFAN host Mike Francesa on Tuesday. "It's rougher than in years past. It's rough for the Yankees."
Keidel: No Apologies Left For Vanity-Driven A-RoidAlex Rodriguez has become the disaster du jour -- an endless loop of errors off-the-field that dwarf any gaffes on the diamond.
Keidel: Can Yankees Fans Still Hate The Red Sox When They're This Bad?It’s almost impossible to hate the Red Sox when they’re this bad. Almost. Stomp them now, before they get good again, which will eventually happen. Eventually.
Keidel: Count The Yankees Out Of OctoberThe Yankees – yes, I’m making it official – cannot win the World Series this year. In fact, they can’t even reach the Fall Classic. Let’s take the whining up an octave: they may not make the playoffs.
Keidel: Us, Evil Empire? And You? When Yankees Hating Becomes InsincereGo ahead, hate us. You’ll find a Yankees fan unfazed by the vitriol. In fact, he or she may even invite you to squat on the bandwagon, take the pinstripes for a spin.
Keidel: Boston Dead Sox? Theo Epstein and Terry Francona – the twin faces of the Babe’s broken hex – have been jettisoned from Fenway. We can parse the particulars, but the truth is that the remains of a once-brilliant ball club are buried, along with Ruth’s ghost.

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