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Kids playing (credit: CBS 2)

Study: Kids Can Benefit From Just 7 Minutes Of Certain Types Of Exercise

Research from the Manitoba Institute of Child Health found that just seven minutes of high intensity exercise like running is more effective than one to two hours of lighter exercise like going on the swings.


8.23 Fit Minute 1

Fit Minute: Glutes & Abs

Celebrity trainer Noah Neiman from Barry’s Bootcamp joined The Couch to show us how to tone our glutes and abs.


Fit Minute With Kristen James

Fit Minute: Lateral Lunge & Reach

Fitness expert Kristen James shows us how to torch calories while working leg muscles and burning body fat.


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Can Stress Shrink Your Brain? Research Says Diet May Improve Mood, Work Performance

Long-term exposure to stress floods the brain with cortisol, which damages neurons making them smaller. Part of the brain affected by stress controls problem solving and memory: in extreme cases, the results can be serious.


Fit Minute

Fit Minute: Tone Those Glutes

Sylwia Wiesenberg, founder of Tonique Fitness, stopped The Couch to show us how to give our backsides a boost.


Fit Minute Slimnastics

Fit Minute: Slimnastics

It seems everyone has Olympic fever. Here on The Couch, we’ve got our own version of Olympic Gymnastics. It’s called SLimnastics. Certified fitness trainer and creator of the workout, Nicole Glor, is here to get us fit in a minute.


Adult Playground Workout

Workout Wonderland: NYC’s First Playground Gym At Macombs Dam Park

Macombs Dam Park now boasts a year-round outdoor workout facility right in the shadow of Yankee Stadium. TV 10-55′s Carolina Bermudez got to test out New York’s first outdoor gym of its kind.


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Advice For Building A Gym In Your New York Home

Don’t be discouraged by your work schedule to not work out. There are ways to get fit at home.


Man eating Hot Dog

Fitness, Weight Loss Tips For New Yorkers

CBSNewYork spoke with two health experts to nail down tips and tricks to work with your New York City lifestyle.

CBS New York–01/03/2012

Wedding Couple (credit:

New Yorkers Split On Study Suggesting Married Life Healthier Than Being Single

The study suggests married people have a stronger support network, compared to single people who likely have fewer health benefits and lower income.


Arthur Davis, 5, of Durham, N.C., cools off in the Washington Square  fountain. (credit: Mary Altaffer/AP)

Hot, Muggy Weather Hits New York; Air Quality Alert Issued

It’s the heart of summer, when people can’t wait to get outside. But, today might be a day to limit your time in the sun.


SELF Workout in the Park

Thousands Hit Central Park For ‘Self Workout In The Park’

Thousands are expected to hit Central Park on Saturday with one goal in mind: get healthy. The 18th annual Self Workout in the Park not only features great workout trends but also the gear you’ll want to work out in.



The Best Weight Loss Technology Equipment & Accessories

For the cost of a New York City gym membership (or less) you could be on your way to weight loss with one of these gadgets. Check out our list of favorites, and where you can purchase them in the Big Apple.


Chile's President Sebastian Pinera, right, hugs rescued miner Mario Sepulveda (credit: AP Photo/Jose Manuel de la Maza, Chilean presidential press office)

Chilean Miner Speaks At Seton Hall University

One of the 33 Chilean miners whose dramatic rescue was broadcast worldwide is touring the U.S. to call attention to the suffering of earthquake victims.


Jack LaLanne arrives for his 95th birthday celebrations at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel - Beverly Hills, CA - Sep 24, 2009 - Photo: Toby Canham/Getty Images

Fitness Icon Jack LaLanne Dies At 96

Jack LaLanne was prodding Americans to get off their couches and into the gym decades before it was cool.