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6 Delicious Falafel Restaurants In NYC

In some ways, falafel is the world’s most perfect food and, made from chickpeas, it’s reasonably healthy. Read on for our picks of the city’s best falafel restaurants.


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NYC Food Truck Lunch: Chicken Shawarma Platter From The King Of Falafel & Shawarma

Freddy’s original cart is on Broadway & 30th St in Astoria, Queens. For those of you who don’t get out of Manhattan much, the cart is only 1 block from the Broadway stop in Astoria on the N train, a short hop from Manhattan.


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NY Food Truck Lunch: Sabich Sandwich From The Taïm Mobile

Taïm is a Hebrew word that means “highly pleasant to the taste,” and it certainly applies to the sabich. You can also get the sabich as a platter, which costs $11, and comes with 2 side dishes.

CBS New York–08/30/2012

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NY Food Truck Lunch: Moshe’s Falafel

I wouldn’t say Moshe’s is the best falafel in New York City (as some people claim), but it is a warm, tasty, filling lunch.

CBS New York–04/18/2012

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NYC’s 5 Best Plates Of Hummus

The basic hummus recipe is simple: cook some chickpeas, grind them up, add some tahini, olive oil, salt and a touch of lemon. But where can you find the best hummus in NYC? Check out our list.

CBS New York–03/21/2012


The 8 Best Falafel Spots In New York City

Falafel—it’s portable, affordable, and probably the healthiest (and tastiest) deep-fried street food around. Here’s a look at some of the best falafel vendors in New York City.

CBS New York–01/31/2012

Chicken Chili from the Biryani Cart (Image from www.biryanicart.com

NYC’s Top Street Meat

New Yorkers can be divided between those who don’t go near street meat and those who believe it one of the most delicious, efficient ways to consume home-style savory lunches that cannot be found elsewhere.