Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn Neighbors Say Hidden Fire Hydrant Makes For Ticket TrapA hidden hydrant is causing big problems for drivers in one Brooklyn neighborhood.
NJ Men In Hot Water After Allegedly Hooking Up To Fire HydrantOfficers say the Plainfield men took the water for their power washing business.
Ordinance Requires Glen Rock Homeowners To Clear Snow Around Hydrants Or Face FineWhen it snows in Glen Rock, New Jersey, homeowners have to get out the shovel, or get out the checkbook.
Middle Village Neighbors: Frozen Hydrant Left Sidewalks Icy, Dangerous For DaysIce has become a major issue in the Queens neighborhood of Middle Village, where a fire hydrant has been leaking for days – creating a possible danger zone.
L.I. Fire Marshal Reminds Residents To Dig Out Fire HydrantsFire officials said the last thing the responding firefighters need to do is get out the shovels to uncover a hydrant.
Frustrated Brookhaven Residents Call On Town To Reimburse For Flood DamageHatzisarris has a six page list of items lost after the flood, including a computer.
L.I. Couple: Snow Plows Finally Come, But End Up Causing 3-Foot FloodThe Town of Brookhaven has been heavily criticized for taking days to plow many streets, and now a couple said after the plows finally came, the drivers caused a flood.
City's DEP Turning Up The 'HEAT' On Fire Hydrant SafetyOpen fire hydrants during summer heat waves are a part of New York City culture, but doing so without a spray cap is illegal and dangerous.
With Summer Heat, New York City Cracking Down On Open HydrantsOn 167th Street, even the the youngest in the spray from a sprinkler-capped hydrant say they know you shouldn't open the hydrant full-blast in the heat.
Summer Play Streets Program Officially Under WayThe program lets city kids safely play in certain streets and cool off from the summer heat under the sprinkling of a fire hydrant.
L.I. Firefighters Want Help Locating HydrantsThey're asking people who have a hydrant on or near their property to dig it out or mark it in some way so firefighters can find it.
NYC Councilman: Paint Curbs Near Fire HydrantsIn New York City, parking near a fire hydrant can cost you dearly. So a councilman is proposing a way for motorists to "see" how close they can get to a pump and still be legal.

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