Fit Minute

6.4.13 Karim Ramos

Fit Minute: Partner Leg Lifts

Author and fitness expert Karim Ramos joined us Tuesday to show us how to get a sculpted six-pack.


5.30.13 Elizabeth Degennaro

Fit Minute Goes Burlesque

Stay fit and sexy during your pregnancy — with burlesque moves.


5.28.13 Levi James

Fit Minute: An Upper Body Workout For Moms-To-Be

Mister Abs, Levi James, is back on The Couch to focus on our upper body.


5.23.13 Kristen McGee

Fit Minute: Warrior Sequence

Celebrity trainer Kristin McGee — who, like Carolina and Lisa, is also expecting a child, stopped by The Couch to show us a new fitness move for moms-to-be.


5.21.13 Lauie Cole

SoulCycle On The Couch

SoulCycle joined The Couch on Tuesday with instructor Laurie Cole to teach us about spinning, and getting the most from your cycling workout.


5.16.13 Eric Salvador

Fit Minute: Woodchops With Medicine Ball

Eric Salvador, head trainer at the Fhitting Room, visited The Couch for Thursday’s Fit Minute.


Fit Minute The Lunge

Fit Minute: The Lunge

Celebrity trainer Noah Neiman from Barry’s Bootcamp stopped The Couch to show us a move that will help tone your lower body. It’s a great move for expecting mothers — or anyone at all.


5.7.13 Nicole Ward

Fit Minute: Golfer Fitness

This is a Fit Minute that golfers will love. Certified personal trainer and TPI Golf Professional Nicole Ward joined us on The Couch to show us ‘The Crawl,” a move to strengthen our core.


JuggleFit Fit Minute

Fit Minute: Juggling & Fun With Fitness

Heather Wolf, founder of JuggleFit, joined us for Thursday’s Fit Minute.


4.30.13 Larysa Didio

Fit Minute: Toning Up Your Core

For 20 years, Larysa DiDio has trained celebrities, Olympians and mothers and fathers across the country.


4.25.13 Adam Rosante

Fit Minute: Wine Workout

Love wine? Love working out? Who says you can’t have both? Celebrity trainer Adam Rosante put John Elliott through a wine bottle workout for Thursday’s Fit Minute.


4.23.13 Will Torres

Fit Minute: Squat Thrusting

Celebrity trainer Will Torres hit The Couch to show us some core-strengthening moves.


4.18.13 Sylwia Wiesenberg

Fit Minute: Squat-Arm Extension

We have more pre-natal fitness moves — but you don’t have to be with child to use this workout to get fit.


Fit Minute Chairs

Fit Minute: Plie Squat With Chair Support

Personal trainer Levi James, perhaps better known as “Mister Abs,” joined us on The Couch for our Fit Minute.


4.9.13 Fit Min

Fit Minute: Getting Your Abs Ready For Summer

Fitness expert and author Karim Ramos stopped by The Couch to show us some moves to sculpt killer abs, ready to shine in the spotlight this summer.