From The Vault: A 'Dog Day Afternoon' Phone CallListen back to a telephone conversation between WCBS producer M. David Levin and one of the “Dog Day Afternoon” bank robbers during the holdup in August of 1972
From The Vault: New York Rangers Win 1994 Stanley CupTake a listen to archived audio from the New York Rangers Stanley Cup victory in 1994, including live coverage from Madison Square Garden and their ticker tape parade.
From The Vault: World Trade Center Bombing In 1993On February 26, 1993 a truck bomb rocked the north tower killing six people and injuring over a thousand.
From The Vault: Challenger Space Shuttle Explosion In 1986Listen back to excerpts of local coverage on WCBS Newsradio from January 28, 1986, the day the Challenger Space Shuttle exploded, killing all seven crew members who were on board.
From The Vault: Political Scandal Of Donald Manes In 1986Listen to archived audio of news reports from early 1986 about the mystery surrounding the suicide attempt and ultimate death of Queens Borough President Donald Manes.
From The Vault: 'Miracle On The Hudson' In 2009Not many stories happen so close to home for the news team at WCBS, but that was the case in January 2009 when U.S. Airways Flight 1549 made an emergency landing in the Hudson River just blocks from the then-studios of WCBS.
From The Vault: WCBS Begins Its Newsradio Format In 1967Our 50 years of news in New York began on August 28, 1967 with the introduction of WCBS Newsradio.
From The Vault: NYC Transit Strike In 1980In April of 1980, 34,000 transit workers walked off the job because of a dispute over wages.
From The Vault: New York City Transit Strike In 2005In the early morning hours of December 20, 2005 city buses and subways came to halt.
From The Vault: Pope John Paul II Visits NYC In 1979A year after becoming leader of the world's Catholic church, Pope John Paul II made his first pilgrimage to New York City in 1979 on invitation from then Mayor Ed Koch.
From The Vault: National Rail Strike In 1970Rail service across the nation came to a halt during a one day strike on December 12, 1970.
From The Vault: Pope Benedict Visits NYC In 2008Pope Benedict XVI spent three days in New York City in April 2008.

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