Two photos of Luis Alomar (credit: FBI)

FBI Nabs Fugitive Sought For Robberies Up And Down East Coast

The FBI says Luis Alomar is wanted for at least 20 robberies along the eastern seaboard in places including New York, New Jersey and Delaware.


(credit: FBI)

FBI Hunting Fugitive Sam Chatman, Who Allegedly Robbed Banks

FBI Supervisory Special Agent Barbara Daly says “Chatman’s behavior is not only increasingly violent, but completely erratic.”


FILE image - Peahen In Traffic (credit: ALDAG/AFP/Getty Images)

Female Peacock, Or Peahen, Back At Bronx Zoo After Escape

Zoo Director Jim Breheny said she was found Wednesday morning in the garage of a local business and safely caught.


Jose Rodriguez (credit: CBS 2)

U.S. Marshalls Capture Fugitive In Connecticut

Federal, state and local law enforcement officers were involved in the search for the 26-year-old from the Bronx.


Jose Rodriguez (credit: DCPI)

Shackled Prisoner Escapes Cops In N.J., Flees In Cruiser

A manhunt for a prisoner continued into Thursday morning in northern New Jersey, hours after he made a daring dash from law enforcement that defied the odds.


Wanted Poster generic

Texas Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitive Caught In N.Y.

A capital murder suspect and convicted sex offender who was on the Texas Department of Public Safety Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitives list has been caught in New York.