Fun Buns NYC

(credit: Perry R.)

NYC Food Truck Lunch: Assorted Bao From Fun Buns NYC

Perry, the founder of New York Street Food, brings you his latest review on New York City food trucks. We always enjoy a little variety with lunch, and with 3 bao for $10, Fun Buns NYC […]


(credit: New York Street Food)

NY Food Truck Lunch: Spicy Beef Bao From Fun Buns

The meat was very tender, and there was no fat on it at all. The five spice powder did not come through as strongly on the beef as it did on the pork belly we previously had, but it was noticeable.


(credit: New York Street Food)

NY Food Truck Lunch: Pork Belly Buns From Fun Buns NYC

There’s a new food cart from the brother and sister team behind the Bian Dang and Fishing Shrimp food trucks. Fun Buns NYC serves Taiwanese buns with fillings like roast pork, lemongrass chicken and spicy beef.