In a video screen capture, a man is  seen being arrested outside a protest targeting the sale of furs in Manhattan. (credit: NY Farm Animal Save/YouTube)

Fur Sellers Charged With Tossing Bleach At Manhattan Protest

Three fur sellers have been charged with reckless endangerment after they tossed bleach and ammonia from a Manhattan roof onto animal-rights activists below, prosecutors said.



Manhattan Bars Welcome All Patrons — Except Those Wearing Fur

As we head into the winter you might be tempted to wear fur. Well, you better not at a handful of Manhattan bars. The owner has banned fur. No, really. You better be ready to drop it at the door.


Photo Credit: deal-of-the-day.net

Fur Couture: Fur Coats 70% Off

Faux and real furs available at big discounts at the Goodman Couture Fur Liquidation.