Gavin Shirhall

Mason, left and Gavin, right, came to The Couch to talk about the importance of first aid.

Hero Brother, Mason Shirhall, Shares Life-Saving Tips On Visit To WLNY’s The Couch

A 7-year-old is being called a hero for leaping to his action when he saw his big brother choking. What he did is a lesson for kids and parents everywhere. The Shirhall family visited The Couch on Tuesday to talk about their incredible experience and the importance of teaching kids first aid.


Mason Shirhall

Quick-Thinking 7-Year-Old Saves Choking Older Brother With Heimlich

One of the scariest things a parent can come face to face with is a choking child. Or for Erin Shirhall, her son silently choking while her back was turned.