Gene Zingaro

Tyler Giuliano (H.S. Yearbook photo)

No Charges For New Fairfield Man Who Fatally Shot Masked Intruder That Turned Out To Be Son

A Connecticut man who fatally shot a knife-wielding prowler in a ski mask only to learn later it was his 15-year-old son, will not face prosecution.


Tyler Giuliano (H.S. Yearbook photo)

Attorney: Family Of Teen Unknowingly Killed By Father Gives State Police Access To Computer

The Giulianos have given state police permission to hack into their son’s computer as they search for any information as to why the teen was wearing a mask and why he lunged at his father with a knife.


Tyler Giuliano (H.S. Yearbook photo)

Attorney: New Fairfield Father Who Unknowingly Killed Son In ‘Despair’

Attorney Gene Zingaro said Giuliano and his wife are going out of their way to cooperate with the police investigation.