Seen At 11: Have You Ever Paid 'The Petty Consequence'?Imagine, you go for a late-night stroll in the park, and you end up spending the rest of the night in a police station lockup. It's happening to everyday people a lot more than you'd think.
Couple Will Dance In Subway Again After SettlementAn Upper West Side couple now has no qualms about dancing in the subway, after the city settled with them for $75,000 following a lawsuit when police arrested them for the act.
Report: City Settles For $75,000 With Couple Arrested For Dancing In SubwayA Manhattan couple has reportedly settled with the city, after being arrested and held overnight in police custody for dancing on a subway platform.
Couple Suing NYC After Being Arrested Last Year In Subway Dancing Episode Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne said the couple was observed "dancing and jumping wildly on the platform" and that they " posed a danger to themselves and others on the platform."

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