Gigi Jordan

Gigi Jordan (credit: CBS 2)

Gigi Jordan Friend: Woman Talked About Killing Herself, Son

Rita Cristman tesified that Gigi Jordan told her if a stem cell transplant she was setting up to cure the boy of his autism did not work, she was going to end it all for both of them.


Gigi Jordan (credit: CBS 2)

Doctor In Gigi Jordan Trial: Boy Didn’t Appear To Fear Allegedly Abusive Dad

Gigi Jordan is on trial, accused of killing 8-year-old Jude Mirra, who died of a drug overdose in February 2010 at the Peninsula Hotel in Midtown.


Jude Mirra (credit: Handout)

Forensic Pathologist Takes Stand In Gigi Jordan Trial

The defense for a millionaire mother who has admitted to killing her autistic child with prescription pills called a medical expert the stand– the forensic pathologist who reviewed slides taken during the autopsy on 8-year-old Jude.


Gigi Jordan (credit: CBS 2)

Cable Guy Testifies He Saw Gigi Jordan’s Autistic Son Typing On BlackBerry

Jordan, a socialite and former pharmaceutical millionaire, is on trial, accused of killing her son, who died of a drug overdose in February 2010 at the Peninsula Hotel in Midtown.


Gigi Jordan (credit: CBS 2)

Prosecutors Cross-Examine Gigi Jordan In Murder Trial

Gigi Jordan admits that she intentionally poisoned her son Jude, but that she did it to save him from torture and sex abuse by dozens of people.


Gigi Jordan (credit: CBS 2)

Gigi Jordan Cross-Examined In Court, Says She Knew She’d Kill Son With Pills From The Start

A millionaire accused of murdering her 8-year-old son was cross-examined Friday.


Gigi Jordan (credit: CBS 2)

Gigi Jordan: Autistic Son Typed On BlackBerry That He Wanted To Die

A socialite and former pharmaceutical millionaire testified Thursday that her nonverbal, autistic son told her he wanted to die by typing on a BlackBerry.


Gigi Jordan (credit: CBS 2)

Gigi Jordan: I Didn’t Force Drugs Down Son’s Throat

A pharmaceuticals millionaire charged with killing her developmentally disabled son in a deluxe Manhattan hotel room says she didn’t force drugs down his throat, as prosecutors allege.


Gigi Jordan (credit: CBS 2)

Judge Reprimands Defense Attorney In Gigi Jordan Murder Trial

A courtroom battle erupted Thursday as the medical examiner testified at the trial of a socialite accused of killing her son in a Manhattan hotel suite.


Gigi Jordan (credit: CBS 2)

Pharmacologist: Socialite Gigi Jordan’s Son Was Given Extreme Amount Of Pills

Gigi Jordan, a socialite and former pharmaceutical executive, is on trial in Manhattan, accused of killing her son, Jude Mirra, who died of a drug overdose in 2010


Gigi Jordan (credit: CBS 2)

Gigi Jordan’s Temperament Becomes Focus Of Third Day Of Murder Trial

Gigi Jordan’s temperament became the issue during testimony by Susanna Mills, manager of Trump Tower, the condo where the defendant owns three hotel suites.


Gigi Jordan (credit: CBS 2)

Peninsula Hotel Staff Testifies In Trial Of Socialite Mom, Gigi Jordan, Accused Of Killing Son

The trial of wealthy mother Gigi Jordan, accused of killing her young, autistic son with prescription pills, continued Thursday with the hotel staff’s testimony.


Gigi Jordan (credit: CBS 2)

Trial Begins For Socialite Gigi Jordan, Accused Of Killing Son In NYC Hotel

Socialite Gigi Jordan was arrested in 2010 after police said they found her 8-year-old son, Jude Mirra, dead from a drug overdose in a 16th-floor suite at the Peninsula Hotel in Midtown.


Socialite Gigi Jordan Mounting ‘Mercy Killing’ Defense In Death Of 8-Year-Old Son

A multimillionaire mom, charged with killing her son by giving him a deadly cocktail of pills, is mounting a controversial defense.


Peninsula Hotel - New York, NY (file / credit: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images)

Wealthy Woman Accused Of Murdering Autistic Son Cites DSK In Seeking House Arrest

Gigi Jordan’s lawyers asked a judge to free her on the terms set for the former International Monetary Fund leader: $6 million in cash bail and bond, and home confinement under electronic monitoring and armed guard.