What Happens When We Don't Go GreenFrom numbers standpoint, the harm done to the planet is quite surprising.
Stanford Scientists Develop Batteries That Are Greener, Last Longer Than Today’s BatteriesScientists at Stanford University said they have developed a high-performance aluminum-ion battery that could replace the alkaline and lithium-ion batteries that are used to power devices today.
Top Ways To Make An Office Green (And Save Money)Going green in your office can do more than just create a healthier environment, it can also create a healthier bottom line.
Eye On New York: On Going GreenIn this Eye on New York segment, CBS 2's Dana Tyler talks being green, environmentally friendly and supporting Earth Day with Dr. Curt Stager, author of "Deep Future: The Next 100,000 Years of Life on Earth."
New Rochelle Pushes For Sustainability With GreeNRGreeNR has been approved, now one city is pushing out a plan to go green across the board.
Bloomberg Asks NYers For Ideas On Going GreenThe Mayor's Office announced Friday that three public forums are planned for December in eastern Queens, upper Manhattan and south Brooklyn.
Christie To Sign Offshore Wind Energy BillThe Garden State is taking steps to “go green.”
FIT Exhibit Looks At Clothing's Environmental ImpactA new exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Technology is providing proof that what you wear impacts the world around you using two centuries worth of trendy outfits.

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