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B&C Morning Show: Oh Yeah! Gov. Christie Talks Candidly About ‘Jersey Shore’

A few weeks back Boomer & Craig welcomed Vincenzo Guadagnino, otherwise known as Vinny from MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” into the Allstate Studio. Vinny had some less-than-flattering things to say about Governor Christie. On Friday, the governor fired back.


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B&C Morning Show: Gov. Christie’s Staff Disappears, Guys Talk Reyes’ Future

Things were going very well this morning with Governor Christie filling in for Boomer. That is, until his staff disappeared.


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B&C Morning Show: Jerry Gets Mouthy With Gov. Chris Christie

With NJ Governor Chris Christie sitting in for Boomer today, we all assumed ole Jerry Recco would be on his best behavior, but I guess it’s true what they say about assuming.


Christie Promises Makeover For Xanadu, NJ’s ‘Ugliest’ Building

Christie wants a longtime New Jersey eyesore, Xanadu, to get a face-lift.


N.J. Gov. Chris Christie

Christie Speaks Loudly And Carries A Big Stick

Happy to wield a veto pen, seemingly eager to lambast anyone and anything that stands in his way and apt to use sarcasm to make his points, Christie is a phenomenon–and not just in New Jersey.


Gov. Chris Christie speaks at the Statehouse - Trenton, NJ - Feb 7, 2011 - Photo: Tim Larsen / Governor's Office

What To Expect From Christie’s Budget Presentation

Governor Chris Christie will be presenting his state budget on Tuesday, and lawmakers are getting ready.


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

On Politics: A $400 Million Screw Up…Now What?

Obviously, losing $400 million of federal funding in the education “Race to the Top” grant process was a major screw up that New Jersey just can’t afford.

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