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New High-Tech Stony Brook Program Aims For Better Student Safety

Stony Brook University on Long Island has a new way to help keep its students safe, and it’s a little like having a panic button.


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NJ Appeals Court Rules GPS Tracking In Cheating Spouse Cases Not An Invasion Of Privacy

Private investigators and attorneys say the use of technology in cheating spouse cases is becoming more common.


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Police Find Six Stolen Cars Inside Rahway Warehouse

Union County police uncovered six stolen vehicles, including two from Maryland, at a northern New Jersey warehouse. They used a GPS device to track a stolen Toyota to the Sivomar Trucking and Shipping Warehouse on Elston Street in Rahway.


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Consumer Alert: TomTom Reportedly Sold GPS User Data To Police To Target Motorists

You know what your GPS device is telling you, but do you know how the company is using that information?


The NY Waterway ferry "Thomas Jefferson" departs the Port Imperial ferry terminal - Weehawken, NJ - Sep 25, 2009 (credit: Evan Bindelglass / WCBS 880)

NY Waterway Riders Won’t Need To Ask ‘Where’s The Bus?’ Anymore

Not knowing where the next bus can be a frustrating part of commuting, but for NY Waterways riders, now they can know exactly when a bus will arrive.


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GPS Technology Protecting Baby Jesus

Having a baby Jesus or other items taken from a nativity scene or holiday display at your home or house of worship can be painful during what should be a joyous time.


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Don’t Fall Victim To Shopping Mall Thieves

Could thieves give you the Black Friday blues? While you shop, they could be targeting your cars or even targeting you when you leave the store. CBS 2 explains how you can avoid trouble in the parking lot.


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Geo-Tagging: The Dangers Of Posting Pictures Online

Posting photos on social networking sites is a quick and easy way to show friends and family what you’ve been up to, but they could be putting your home and family at risk.


Blooming Grove, a small town in Westchester County, has a police force of just 15 officers, but they're making up for their lack of size with smarts and technology.

Tiny NY Police Dept. Uses GPS Tracker To Nab Thief

The Blooming Grove Police Department has just 15 officers, but size doesn’t matter when the cops are savvy enough to use a hidden GPS tracking device to catch a thief.