10.3 Valerie Burton

Life Coach Valorie Burton On How To Be Happy Right Now

In her ninth book, ‘Happy Women Live Better,’ personal and executive coach, Valorie Burton, explores how everyday habits, relationships and time impacts a women’s ability to discover and maintain happiness.


UConn/Hartford Courtant happiness poll. (credit: UConn Polling Center)

Poll: Level Of Happiness Linked To Wealth

A full 58 percent of respondents to a new University of Connecticut/Hartford Courant poll answered they were either completely happy or very happy.


4.11.13 Find Happy

C’Mon, Get Happy: Author Will Bowen Talks Getting Happy This Year

Will Bowen, the author of “Happy This Year,” says happiness is already withing all of us. Bowen proclaims that happiness is our destiny and birthright, and – even better – we actually are already happy to some extent. We just have to recognize happiness, claim it and expand on it.


Peanuts (Clip Art)

Fight Fatigue With Food: Peanuts, Mushrooms, Dark Chocolate

Do you feel tired all the time, despite getting sleep at night? Getting your energy back could be simpler than you think. Certain nutrient-rich foods can help fight fatigue — even give you energy to spare.



Study: Happiness Is Partially Genetic

Genetics can determine more than just the way you look.. Recent research indicates that they also play a part in how happy you are, and how happy you could be.


The Doctors On The Couch

7 Days To A Healthier, Happier You

Dr. Andrew Ordon visited The Couch to talk about his book “Better in 7: The Ultimate Seven-Day Guide To A Better You.”


Sister Cecilia Adorni (Left) dances on her 103rd birthday (credit: CBS 2)

103-Year-Old Nun Attributes Long Life To Happiness

Sister Cecilia Adorni celebrated her 103rd birthday this week. She attributes her long life not to a healthy diet or clean living, but rather to attitude.


Study: Can Money Buy Happiness?

You’ve heard it a thousand times: Money can’t buy happiness. So why do so many people continue to try and accumulate riches? New studies examine the correlation between big bucks and bliss.

CBS 2–10/12/2010


The Art Of Happiness: How To Be Truly Happy

NEW YORK (CBS) ― If money can’t buy happiness, what does? Happiness is not just a feeling but a science. CBS 2 spoke to the experts to learn not only how to get happy, but […]