Hawaii Volcano Destroys Dozens Of Homes, Forces EvacuationsHawaii's Kilauea volcano destroyed 26 homes and spewed lava hundreds of feet into the air.
Kilauea Volcano Jolts Hawaii's Largest Island With Lava, Quakes, And GasThe trifecta of natural threats forced the evacuation of more than 1,700 people from communities near the lava and prompted the closure of parks, college campuses and a section of the main road.
Earthquakes Rock Hawaii's Big Island, As Kilauea Volcano Continues To EruptOfficials have ordered more than 1,700 people out of Big Island neighborhoods near the volcano's newest lava flow.
Wrong Hawaii Emergency Response Worker Threatened After Misleading PhotoWhen an erroneous alert was sent out last month telling people in Hawaii that there was an incoming ballistic missile, Jeffrey Wong was an island away from the state's emergency management agency office where he works as an operations officer.
Ousted Hawaii State Worker Says He Thought Missile Threat Was RealIn his first interview since the January 13th incident, he told Hawaii News Now there were a variety of problems and system-wide failures.
Hawaii’s Emergency Management Head Resigns After False Missile AlertThe fallout came the same day the Federal Communications Commission revealed that the worker who sent the alert thought an actual attack was imminent.
Hawaii Governor Was Slow To Correct Missile Blunder Because He Forgot His Twitter PasswordAlthough Governor David Ige reportedly knew the alert was a mistake two minutes after it was sent, Ige confessed he forgot what his Twitter password was so he could tell the public.
FCC Chairman: Hawaii Didn't Have Safeguards In Place To Prevent Mistaken Missile AlertThe chairman of the FCC said Sunday that it appears the government of Hawaii didn't have reasonable safeguards in place that would have prevented the transmission of a false alert about an imminent missile strike.

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