Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers Now The New Normal For Healing Stubborn WoundsWounds that don’t heal properly are a major medical problem, affecting more than six million Americans. But the solution might be as simple as oxygen.
Doctors Use Pacemaker-Like Device To Help Treat Overactive BladderEstimates are that 37 million Americans have an overactive bladder, or OAB. Almost two-thirds of patients stop using other medications because of unpleasant side effects.
Doctors Study Effects Of Using Nicotine Patches To Fight Lung DiseaseIt sounds like the exact opposite of what you should do: Use a drug found in cigarette smoke to fight lung disease. But that’s just what doctors are doing.
Back To School Checklist: Doctor Appointments, Bedtime Routines & Healthy SnacksBack to school means it’s time to start getting ready -- not just with clothes, notebooks and pencils.
Smartphone App Helps Teens Recover From Concussions, Study SuggestsThe standard advice for recovering from a concussion involves total brain rest, no television, computer or phone, not even a book or homework. But now, doctors say there may be a better way.
What To Do If You’ve Been Bitten By A TickExperts say this is one of the worst tick seasons ever, which means a greater risk of lyme disease.
U.S. Faces Looming Shortage Of Primary Care PhysiciansA combination of retiring doctors and increasing demand will lead to a significant need for primary care doctors, but some medical schools are working to ease the problem.
How To Stay Safe & Avoid Mosquito Bites This SummerFrom what clothing to wear to what repellents to use, Dr. Max Gomez shares some tips to prevent those pesky – and sometimes dangerous -- bites.
Artificial Cartilage Implants Offer Alternative Treatment For Osteoarthritis In ToesThose suffering from osteoarthritis in the joints of their big toes, like many women who wear high heels, now have a new alternative for treatment – an artificial cartilage implant.
Study: Popular Heartburn Drug Might Raise Your Risk Of Premature DeathThis is just the latest of many studies linking PPIs to adverse side effects, including hip fractures, kidney disease, infections, dementia and esophageal cancer.
New Device Could One Day Lead To More Viable Organs For Life-Saving TransplantsRather than putting an organ on ice, the machine pumps oxygen-rich blood, nutrients and medications through the liver to keep it working and warm.
Life-Saving Surgery Replaces Woman’s Entire Aorta With Synthetic VersionNowadays, doctors can replace any number of body parts with man-made ones, including hips, knees, eye lenses, even heart valves. And the medical advances keep coming.

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