Pope Benedict XVI (credit: Filippo Monteforte/AFP/Getty Images)

HealthWatch: Adult Stem Cells And The Catholic Church

Research with or on embryonic stem cells is strictly forbidden, but adult stem cells, gleaned from most tissues in the body, are very different. They do not destroy embryos and so the Catholic Church endorses researching them.


AlterG, Anti-Gravity Treadmill (credit: CBS 2)

HealthWatch: Anti-Gravity Treadmill

A new device doesn’t repeal the laws of physics, but it does un-weight you while you run on the treadmill. It’s helping both injured athletes and orthopedic surgery patients get moving again.


Honey bees

HealthWatch: Insect Stings

Summer weekends often mean insect stings. For most people, those bug bites are a nuisance, but for millions, they can be life-threatening, Dr. Max Gomez reports.


MacKenzie Maher (credit: CBS 2)

HealthWatch: Cerebral Palsy

MacKenzie Maher was born with a brain injury. Doctors determined she had cerebral palsy, and unable to walk, the only way she could get around was to learn how to crawl. The big breakthrough in her ability to walk came when MacKenzie began clinical trials on a machine called the lokomat.


(credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

HealthWatch: Sunscreen Label Changes

The FDA will require manufacturers to test sunscreens for protection against both types of ultraviolet rays. UVB rays cause burning, UVA rays cause wrinkling, and both cause cancer.


Melanoma Drug Vemurafenib (credit: CBS 2)

HealthWatch: Melanoma Medication

Researchers say vemurafenib is a breakthrough and cause for celebration when it comes to slowing melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.


Energy Drinks (credit: EARL S.CRYER/AFP/Getty Images)

HealthWatch: Do Active Children Need Sports Drinks?

Sports drinks and energy drinks are increasingly popular with children and teens, but a new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics says most kids who play recreational sports don’t need sports drinks.


Dialysis patient (credit: CBS 2)

HealthWatch: Heart Dialysis

More than 1.25 million times a year, someone has a heart attack in this country. Most will actually survive a first heart attack but often with damage to the heart muscle, damage that eventually, perhaps years later, catches up with the victim and causes heart failure.


Kayti Lathrop gave birth to five children, each at home (credit: CBS 2)

HealthWatch: Home Births Are Increasingly Popular, But Have Risks

New government figures show that more women are choosing to give birth in the privacy of their own homes.


Jennifer Petrakis and son Niko (credit: CBS 2)

HealthWatch: New Cervical Cancer Treatment Brings Hope To Women Looking To Bear Children

Treatment for cervical cancer can often lead to a hysterectomy, which ends a woman’s ability to bear children, but now there’s a new approach.


Laura Smith and Cecily (credit: CBS 2)

HealthWatch: Children And Chemicals

Pediatricians are worried children are being exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals, Dr. Max Gomez reports.


Herbal Supplements (credit: Clipart)

HealthWatch: Vitamins & Herbal Supplements

If you take a vitamin or herbal supplement, you’re definitely not alone. A new report from the Centers for Disease Control said more than half of all Americans are taking supplements, Dr. Max Gomez reports.


Doctor (file/credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

HealthWatch: Heart Disease And Work

Long working hours are a part of life in the Big Apple, but according to a just-published study, those long days at work could be leading to a shorter lifespan, Dr. Max Gomez reports.


Annabella Surovcik (credit: CBS 2)

HealthWatch: Food Dye And ADHD

Children love to indulge in tasty treats, but now there could be a link between dyes in those foods and hyperactivity, Dr. Max Gomez reports.


Bone Density Test (credit: CBS 2)

HealthWatch: Bone Density

Bone density tests are recommended for all women age 65 and older, and for younger women with certain risk factors.