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Heimlich Maneuver

Estrada Family And Troopers Ruben Benavidez and James Hearne (credit: CBS 2)

Dramatic Video: New Jersey State Troopers Save Choking Child

Troopers Ruben Benavidez and James Hearne just happened to be driving through Trenton when they came across a family struggling to help their son breathe after he started choking on a chicken nugget.


Anna Reid (credit: CBS 2)

NJ Babysitter Draws On First Aid Training To Save Choking Child

Babysitter Anna Reid, 15, was feeding 3-year-old Lia Simitz pizza when the toddler took a bite too big and a piece was lodged in her throat.


Mason Shirhall

Quick-Thinking 7-Year-Old Saves Choking Older Brother With Heimlich

One of the scariest things a parent can come face to face with is a choking child. Or for Erin Shirhall, her son silently choking while her back was turned.


Priscilla Hope Pereira (credit: CBS 2)

Jersey City Girl Meets Paramedics Who Saved Her Life

Last weekend, at a backyard barbeque with family and friends, Priscilla Pereira choked on a grape and during the chaos a friend called 911 desperate for help. What happened next is likely why she’s still alive.