(credit: herobuilders.com)

HeroBuilders Makes ‘Tanorexic’ Doll Modeled After NJ Mom Patricia Krentcil

Emil Vicale, president of the Oxford, Conn.,-based HeroBuilders, said everyone has friends into heavy tanning, “and we thought it was a funny thing to do.”


(credit: herobuilders.com)

Herobuilders, Company That Made Anatomically Correct Anthony Weiner Doll, Makes Michele Bachmann Doll

Herobuilders, the company that brought New Yorkers the anatomically correct Anthony Weiner doll, has now produced a “build your own” Michele Bachmann doll.


(credit: HeroBuilders.com)

HeroBuilders Creates Anatomically Correct Anthony Weiner Doll

How’d you like to play with your Weiner all day long? At least one company thinks you might want to.