Hillary Clinton

Emails: Russia-Linked Hackers Repeatedly Tried To Get Into Hillary Clinton's AccountRussia-linked hackers tried at least five times to pry into Hillary Rodham Clinton's private email account while she was secretary of state, emails released Wednesday show.
Biotech Stocks Tumble After Hillary Clinton Fires Off Tweet On 'Skyrocketing' Drug CostsThe plan, which she will discuss in Iowa on Tuesday, would cap how much a person pays out of pocket each month on medications.
De Blasio Says He's Still Waiting To Announce Which Democrat He Will Endorse For President"I think we have great candidates right now. I really do," de Blasio said.
Hillary Clinton Declares 'I Am A Real Person' During First Sunday Morning Interview In YearsClinton said she and her team are not taking steps to prepare for a possible late entry into the Democratic presidential primary by Vice President Joe Biden.
Clinton, Christie Condemn Trump For Not Correcting Man Who Called Obama MuslimReal estate mogul did not correct the questioner about his claims about Obama's citizenship before moving on to another audience member.
Jimmy Fallon Calls Clinton A 'Tough Mother,' Pulls Her HairThe Democratic front-runner appeared Wednesday on the "Tonight Show,'' which began with Fallon impersonating Trump in a sketch in which he schooled Clinton on handling interviews.
Chelsea Clinton Surprised Her 'Hero' Mother Hillary Slipping In PollsChelsea Clinton said she believes that as more Americans get a chance to hear from Hillary Rodham Clinton they will understand "why I believe so strongly that she would make a great president.''
Trump, Sanders On Top In Iowa New Quinnipiac Polls; Rick Perry Quits GOP RaceA new Quinnipiac poll showed Donald Trump still at the top amongst Republicans in Iowa in the presidential contest, and Bernie Sanders possibly edging ahead of Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side.
Biden's Appearance With Gov. Cuomo In NYC Raises Hopes Of Many DemocratsThe political world is reading the tea leaves for hints about Vice President Joe Biden's political plans.
Clinton, Trump Take Vastly Different Stances On Iran Nuclear DealClinton's support for the treaty came in stark contrast to current Republican front-runner Donald Trump, who attended an anti-Iran deal rally in Washington.
Hillary Clinton Apologizes For Use Of Private Email ServerHillary Rodham Clinton apologized Tuesday for her use of a private email account, after declining since last week to express remorse for the State Department arrangement that has shaken her presidential campaign.
Sanders Surges Ahead Of Clinton In New PollA new poll shows Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is now leading Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire in the Democratic presidential race.