NYC To Hire More Lawyers To Help Keep People From Being EvictedMayor Bill de Blasio thinks one way to fight homelessness is to keep people from being evicted, especially from areas where rents are skyrocketing.
De Blasio, Archdiocese Of New York Unveil Plan Regarding City's Homeless ProblemThe city and the Archdiocese of New York announced they are teaming up to provide 150 beds with social services for homeless people before winter sets in.
Police To Focus On 125th Street In Harlem In Effort To Deal With HomelessnessIn an effort to tackle homelessness one street at a time, police Commissioner Bill Bratton announced Tuesday that the problem is most amplified in Harlem on 125th Street, and the NYPD will focus resources there.
Bratton Denies Report Saying NYPD Is Considering Using Computer System To Track HomelessThe NYPD is starting to use the same technique it used in '90s to help reduce crime to track complaints related to homeless people, according to a published report.
Giuliani: De Blasio Resorting To Personal Attacks Because He's 'On The Defensive'The back-and-forth between former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and current Mayor Bill de Blasio over the city's homeless problem continued Tuesday.
De Blasio: Giuliani 'Delusional' To Criticize Him About The HomelessDe Blasio said the city is focused on a comprehensive and constructive solution, investing $1 billion over the next four years to get the homeless off the streets.
Giuliani: De Blasio Policies Have Created Homeless CrisisIn an op-ed piece for the New York Post, Giuliani wrote that the homeless need to be "dealt with through intervention rather than denial."
Bratton: Police Have Less Power Dealing With Homeless Than They Did Under GiulianiIn what some saw as a stunning admission Wednesday, police Commissioner Bill Bratton said getting the homeless off the streets is more difficult now than when Rudolph Giuliani was mayor.
De Blasio Says Cost Of Living Reason For Many Homeless In NYCMayor Bill de Blasio said many of the city's homeless simply can't afford the cost of living in New York City.
Advocates Call For End Of 'Demonization' Of Homeless People In NYCElected officials and others say the city's homeless should not be blamed for any quality of life issues and claim the media is dehumanizing those who sleep on the streets.
311 Complaints About Homelessness On The RiseAs of last week, the 311 system fielded more than 20,000 calls related to the homeless. That's up from more than 12,000 two years ago.
NYC Police Union Urges Officers To Take Pictures Of Quality-Of-Life OffendersThe Sergeants Benevolent Association is launching a new initiative to combat quality-of-life issues.