Kisuk Cha says the word 'Chinx' was printed on his Hooters receipt and now his lawyer has filed a lawsuit. (credit: CBS 2)

Hooters Hit With Lawsuit Over Derogatory Term Made Toward Asian Patron

They’re self-described “tacky” Hooters girls, tasked with delivering wings and beer. But one customer is now suing the franchise in Fresh Meadows, saying the ladies served up a lot more than just food.


LaGuardia Airport (credit: CBS 2)

TSA Fires 8 N.Y. Air Marshals For Allegedly Drinking On The Job

Call it another black eye for the agency that’s supposed to protect airline passengers from terrorists. On Friday, 14 local air marshals were being punished for allegedly drinking on duty — and more.


(credit: Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Big Game: Great Moments In Halftime History

By Elijah Bates Since the dawn of the inaugural game itself, a combination of intelligent, semi-intelligent and downright stupid people have rallied together under a common cause, grabbing remotes en masse to avoid an expensive […]