Ice Cream

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NY Food Truck Lunch: Go2Burger & A Vanilla Shake From Go Burger

The Go2Burger is $6 and vanilla and chocolate shakes are $4 (or you can opt for a ‘Shake Shot’ for $1, which is a a nice way to get just a taste, since the full 12 oz. shake is a lot for lunch time. The ‘shots’ appear to be larger than a liquor shot).


(credit: An Icy Introduction)

NY Food Truck Dessert: SnoBalls From An Icy Introduction

There are many ways to cool off during a hot city summer, and here’s another one: An Icy Introduction, a stand selling Caribbean-style SnoBalls, SnoCreams and Slushes.


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NYC Food Truck’s 6 Best Frozen Desserts

Warm weather in New York always means fleets of ice cream trucks hitting the streets peddling soft ice cream to kids, but now they have serious competition. Here a few unique food trucks that will be roaming around offering much more than a frostbitten ice pop.

CBS New York–08/08/2012

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City Councilman Wants To Silence Ice Cream Trucks In Jackson Heights

According to a City Councilman Daniel Drumm, a staple of summer is giving the cold shoulder to peace and quiet in one Queens neighborhood.


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NY Food Truck Dessert: Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream From Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

They steep giant teabags filled with organic Earl Grey Tea leaves in a special custard. The result is a strong tea flavor in a sweet and creamy ice cream base. There was no tannin or bitterness, as you can sometimes get when drinking hot Earl Grey tea, if it sits around too long.


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New York’s Top 5 Shops For Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Whether you are vegan, lactose intolerant or have a dairy allergy, don’t let the lack of milk stop you from cooling down on a hot day.

CBS New York–08/03/2012

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NY Food Truck Dessert: Chocolate Chipotle Ice Cream Sandwich From Coolhaus

Coolhaus is all about ice cream sandwiches (or “sammies” as they call them). When you order, you choose a cookie for the sandwich – and there are some pretty interesting ones.

CBS New York–07/13/2012

Ice Cream Sundae

Nina In New York: I Scream, You Scream…

One summer in high school, I worked at a Baskin-Robbins store which very closely resembled a prison mess hall in its operations philosophy. My boss, Norris, a truly miserable human being, would sit in the back room all day long, chain smoking and watching playbacks of the closed circuit security cameras he had installed in order to watch his employees like a hawk.


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Good Humor Announces Ice Cream Giveaway In Response To Youngsters’ Outrage Over Shortage

In response to the ice shortage reported on 1010 WINS Wednesday, Good Humor will be handing out free ice cream this weekend.


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NYC Food Truck Launches Slush Stand To Battle Summer Heat

Kelvin Slush has unveiled their new “Ice Cube,” which will serve as a permanent location for the vendor in addition to their roaming food truck.


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NY Food Truck Dessert: Wasabi Ice Cream From The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

What initially got the attention of NYC foodies are the creative toppings they come up with, as well as the funny names given to the cones. The ice cream at BGICT is creamier than Mister Softee’s, and you can taste the difference.

CBS New York–06/08/2012


The 5 Best Ice Cream Shops In The Tri-State Area

We’ve already brought you our picks for the best ice cream in Manhattan. With the warm weather in full effect, we thought it best to hit the other four boroughs – and across the Tri-State – in search of the most delectable chilled-out sweets.

CBS New York–05/20/2012

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I Scream, You Scream: Free Cone Day At Haagen-Dazs Is May 8

Cure those it’s-not-quite-the-middle-of-the-week-yet blues with a free treat from Haagen-Dazs on Tuesday.


(credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Ben & Jerry's)

Free Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry’s ‘Free Cone Day’ Returns Tuesday

Tuesday’s looking a little brighter all of the sudden. Ben & Jerry’s free cone day is back.


A boy selects ice cream from a cart in Park Slope. (credit: CBS 2)

Park Slope Parents Want Ice Cream Trucks Banned To Avoid Testy Tantrums From Tots

A city agency said banning ice cream trucks would have to be done legislatively citywide or statewide. They said to ban the trucks just in Park Slope would be impossible.