Independent Budget Office

FILE - A smoker outside an office building in New York City.   (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

Number Of Smokers In New York City Up, Anti-Smoking Funding Down

The number of smokers in New York City has risen, as government spending to fight the habit has dropped.


Red light camera (credit: CBS 2)

Traffic Cameras Generating Three-Quarters Of NYC Ticket Revenue

The city’s Independent Budget Office says cameras generated $41 million in fines in the last fiscal year, compared to $14 million from tickets written by real-life cops.


New York City Parking Ticket (Credit: CBS 2)

A Fine Myth Dispelled: City Collecting Less Cash For Violations

According to the city’s Independent Budget Office, the Bloomberg Administration is hauling in less money from fines than it did a few years ago.


Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott (credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

City Schools Chancellor Scoffs At Suggestion Of Eliminating Summer School

The Independent Budget Office said that if summer school is eliminated, New York City could save $28 million. But Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott doesn’t think much of that idea at all.


NYC classroom (credit: CBS 2)

NYC Schools Report: Test Scores Linked To Poverty, Attendance

A report released today by the city’s Independent Budget Office states that students who are absent five or fewer days each year pass tests at a rate more than double that of students who miss 21 or more days a year.


NYC Agency: Street Vendor Rules Costly, Confusing

New York City’s Independent Budget Office says nearly $15 million in street vendor fines went unpaid in fiscal 2009.