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Seen At 11: Financial Infidelities Can Wreck A Marriage

Infidelities in marriage do not always involve cheating in a conventional sense. Spouses who are financially unfaithful may also damage a relationship beyond repair.


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Staten Island Neighborhood Shocked By Brutal Domestic Murder

Neighbors in Staten Island were shocked and stunned Monday, a day after a woman was beaten to death, and her husband was charged with the crime, allegedly all because he suspected her of cheating him.


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NJ Pastor Calls Facebook A Marriage Killer

The Rev. Cedric Miller said a large percentage of his marital counseling over the past year and a half has included infidelity stemming from the social-network website.


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Seen At 11: Finances And Infidelity

There’s a surprising link between your finances and fidelity. A new study has shed some light on why some people are more inclined to cheat in a relationship.