James Vacca

New York City Taxi (file / credit: Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

City Council Cracks Down On Sex Trade By Taking Aim At Cab Drivers

Council Speaker Christine Quinn warned that from now on New York City will have zero-tolerance for any taxi owner or driver who facilitates sex trafficking with a vehicle.


Times Square subway station (file/credit: Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

Subway Grades Could Be Coming To NYC If Councilman Vacca Has His Way

Councilman James Vacca said it was unacceptable that complaints come from riders despite the fact that they keep “paying more and more.”



NYC City Council Set To Discuss Bill On Use Of Unexpired Muni-Meter Time

The bill would allow drivers to hold on to their receipts and park in spaces with the same meter rates.


Commuters step off the subway (credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

City Council Warns Transportation Bill In DC Could Hurt NYC Commuters

The bill in Congress could cut close to $1 billion in MTA funding. City Council members say that would mean many of the improvement projects that are planned would be stopped short and straphangers could end up paying the difference.


From center: Port Authority chairman Patrick Foye, New York City Transit president Thomas Prendergast, City Councilman James Vacca, and transit advocate Gene Russianoff being questioned by former New York Attorney General Robert Abrams and current MTA board member Charles Moerdler - New York, NY - Mar 1, 2012 (credit: Paul Murnane / WCBS 880)

MTA’s Trash Can Free Subway Experiment Succeeding!

There were predictions the subway stations in an MTA experiment that removed trash cans would become landfills with rails. But there is early evidence the riding public is on board with the concept.


Shot at Bar (file / credit: clipart.com)

Councilman Vacca: Too Few State Liquor Agents For NYC

Councilman James Vacca says it’s like spit in the ocean, the number of state liquor authority agents assigned to all of New York City.


MTA Bus During Blizzard/Getty Images

NYC Transit Chief Promises Changes After Blizzard Meltdown

What happened when passengers were stuck for seven hours on a train near the Aqueduct Racetrack? The president of NYC Transit says they just forgot about it, but they say it won’t happen again.


FILE - eye chart (credit: clipart)

No More Eye Exams At DMV For New York Drivers

Starting Wednesday, drivers will “self-certify” that they meet the vision requirement when they renew.


Parking Ticket (Photo/Clipart.com, FILE)

Bloomberg Administration Rejects Most Of City Council’s Attempt To Make Parking Regulations Fair

When it comes to parking tickets, make them fair, and make them less aggravating. That’s what the City Council is asking the Bloomberg administration to do with the thousands of tickets issued each day.


NYC Taxi  (file/credit: Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

NYC Taxi Drivers Want Pay Raise, So Fare Hike Possible

The New York Taxi Workers Alliance is putting forward what it calls a “modest increase,” which would include a $0.50 increase in the per-mile metered rate and a $0.10 bump for idling charges.


Parking Meter (credit: CBS 2)

City Council Squares Off With Bloomberg Over Parking Grace Period

Parking in the city can be an exercise in frustration and costly. The City Council is holding a hearing on how to improve street parking and reduce the number of nuisance tickets.


(credit: CBS 2)

NYC Cabbie Charged After Allegedly Hitting Passengers

Four men hailed the cab on Manhattan’s West Side, asking to be taken to the Bronx. They said the cabbie, Mohammed Azam, refused and suggested they all go to a nearby police precinct instead.


(credit: Paul Murnane / WCBS 880)

Mass Transit Service Getting Back To Normal

Commuting to work with up to 19 inches of fresh snow on the ground was no picnic for anyone.


Passengers Refuse To Leave Train

Stranded Subway Riders Refuse To Exit Train During Storm

About a hundred subway riders refused to leave their train after being ordered off during the massive snowstorm that raged just outside their doors.



Outer Boroughs Immune From Meter Rate Increase

While many drivers faced a new increased parking meter rate this week, many areas of the outer boroughs won’t have to deal with the skyrocketing transportation costs.