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Keidel: It's Time To Admit Eli Manning Into The Privileged Circle Of New York IconsWhile you read the montage of Thanksgiving homages, one local, humble star deserves a nod, a salute with your stuffing and gravy. Eli Manning.
Dallas Cowboys Still Headline ThanksgivingThe Carolina Panthers may be undefeated, but all eyes will be watching the Dallas Cowboys this Thanksgiving.
Keidel: Is Porzingis The Long-Lost Answer For Knicks? It Sure Feels Like ItAs we approach Thanksgiving, the only holiday without a trace of religious or political allegiance, the theme is one we can all get with: gratitude.
Mr. Rodgers Teaches Vikings A LessonThe Packers and Vikings matchup was supposed to be Minnesota's statement game. But Green Bay did all the talking.
Keidel: Some Things Never Change, As The Jets Always ProveThey can change their helmets, jerseys, and logo, but not the lack of logic that has defined them since 1969.
Black & Blue Division Turning PurpleThe Minnesota Vikings are set to solidify control of the NFC North and the long-dominant Green Bay Packers.
Keidel: Considering What Cruz Overcame, You Can't Help But Root For His ReturnYou don't have to be a Giants fan to wonder if Victor Cruz will ever dazzle fans with his hands and speed and end-zone contortions. And you don't have to be a fan to hope he has a little more salsa, and sizzle, left in his legs.
Keidel: Mets' Collins Deserved A Lot More Love From The WritersMaybe Terry Collins isn't a renaissance man. But he is a baseball man.
Keidel: Despite Heartbreaking Weeks, Jets And Giants Should Still Make PlayoffsTo quote captain obvious, the Jets and Giants won't play each other in Levi's Stadium. But they should play in the playoffs. They are good enough and competent enough. But are they confident enough?
Big Blue's Black EyeThe Giants went nose to nose with the Patriots, the NFL's best team. They could've and should've won, but they didn't.
Keidel: Fantasy Sports Is Absolutely Gambling, But The Hypocrisy Is MaddeningWhat's wrong is the moral relativism of the people who pass our laws and enforce them. Without swerving into a total political tangent, gambling is either legal or it isn't.
Keidel: Rex Ryan Is Running Out Of Goodwill And Spiraling Into A ClownNothing lasts forever. And though the honeymoon with the owner is in full bloom, it may not be long before the bloom wears off the Rex Ryan rose.
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