Will Golden State's Playoff Run End In Oklahoma City?The Warriors changed the NBA with their new-world game. But one eternal basketball truth still holds... shots closer to the rim are easier.
Remembering The 1996 Yankees: Winning Defined Darryl StrawberryBefore Dwight Gooden got his cinematic shot at redemption, Darryl Strawberry paved the way for a Big Apple redux.
Keidel: A Closer Look At Yankees Shows How Average They Really AreThe Yankees may be surging, but they are still hovering around their mean, which will mean another forlorn fall in the Bronx.
Keidel: Watching Football Is So Much Better NowEvery generation thinks their football players and teams were the greatest. But no one would trade today's football TV-watching experience.
Keidel: Harvey's Struggles Fuel Debate About Mets' Playoff FutureThe Mets are clearly diminished with a diminished Harvey. But the better question is, why is the Dark Knight clearly pitching without his renowned arsenal?
Is LeBron James The NBA's Greatest Current Player?LeBron James has a singular hold on the NBA right now, more so than even the heralded Stephen Curry.
Keidel: Syndergaard Has Left Little Doubt Who Mets' Go-To Guy Truly IsGiven his physical dimensions, with his long locks and schoolgirl affectation of tucking his hair behind his ears, Syndergaard gives new meaning to the term tall, sexy blonde.
Keidel: Baseball's Position On Retaliation Sends Mixed SignalsBaseball also takes great pride in monitoring itself. It doesn't need excessive regulations because all spats are adjudicated on the field, where judge, jury and executioner all dwell between the lines.
Should An NFL Team Hire Tom Coughlin As Head Coach?Tom Coughlin won two Super Bowls as New York Giants head coach. Even at 70+ years old, he could easily coach another NFL team to a title.
Keidel: We Get It, The Jets Beat Fitzpatrick ... Now Sign Him, PleaseFans have a curious bond with the players they cheer with frothing devotion. They buy jerseys, swear by the name and number, and take an implicit oath to follow them into the pits of hell.
Keidel: Spurs Will Continue To ContendThe Thunder rolled over the Spurs, again. But San Antonio's future remains bright, with or without Duncan, Ginobili and Parker.
Remembering The 1996 Yankees: The Doc-Boss Story You Don't KnowRarely would the names George Steinbrenner and Dwight Gooden fit seamlessly into any family or professional narrative, especially as allies. But the twin-billing made for a storybook saga in 1996.

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