Jeffrey Locker

Kenneth Minor (Credit: CBS 2)

‘Harlem Kevorkian’ Re-Sentenced In Death Of Motivational Speaker

Kenneth Minor was convicted of murder and sentenced to 20 years to life in prison in 2011, but his conviction was later overturned.


Kenneth Minor (credit: 48 Hours)

‘Harlem Kevorkian’ Accepts New Plea Deal In LI Motivational Speaker’s Death

The man known as the “Harlem Kevorkian” pleaded guilty to manslaughter Monday.


Kenneth Minor (credit: 48 Hours)

Kenneth Minor Turns Down Plea Deal In LI Motivational Speaker’s Death

Kenneth Minor’s lawyer told a judge Tuesday that Minor was rejecting prosecutors’ offer to plead guilty to manslaughter and accept a 14-year sentence. He’s been serving 20 years to life in motivational speaker and author Jeffrey Locker’s 2009 death.


Kenneth Minor (credit: 48 Hours)

Man Convicted In L.I. Motivational Speaker’s Killing Breaks His Silence To ’48 Hours’

Kenneth Minor has always insisted he is not a murderer, but he’s serving a 20-year sentence because a jury said he killed Locker, an author and motivational speaker.


Jeffrey Locker

Kenneth Minor Gets 20 Years For Motivational Speaker’s Murder

Kenneth Minor was found guilty in March of the murder of motivational speaker Jeffrey Locker.


Jeffrey Locker

Man Found Guilty Of Murder In Motivational Speaker’s Death

Kenneth Minor was found guilty of murder in the stabbing death of Jeffrey Locker.


Jeffrey Locker

Motivational Speaker Jeffrey Locker Wanted To Die, Defense Attorney Dan Gotlin Claims

Gotlin says Locker wanted Kenneth Minor’s help to “do a Kevorkian.”


Jeffrey Locker

Harlem Man Testifies In ‘Suicide-For-Hire’ Trial

Was it murder or suicide for hire? That’s the question in a Manhattan courtroom where Kenneth Minor is facing murder charges.


Jeffrey Locker

‘Motivational Speaker’ Murder Trial Heats Up In NYC

Can someone say they killed a person because they were begged to do it? And if so, is it murder or assisted suicide? That’s exactly what a jury in Manhattan has to decide in a bizarre stabbing death.