Jerry Recco

Boomer & Carton: Jerry's Update Elicits LaughterStadium giveaways, great inventions and the many uses for mason jars were discussed to start off this action-packed radio segment on Friday, as Boomer & Carton did what really only they can do.
Boomer & Carton: Jerry's Update Gets A Little EmotionalJerry started his update Thursday morning with the latest on the Nets, who lost their final game before the All-Star break, 109-90 to the visiting Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday night.
Boomer & Carton: Jerry's Update, Featuring Knicks, Brodeur And MoreAfter Boomer got through talking about his desire to take a ski trip, Jerry Recco started updating his face off, beginning with the Knicks.
Boomer & Carton: Jerry Gives The Full Big Game RundownJerry Recco was back at it Monday morning, and this time was in full Super Bowl mode.
Boomer & Carton: Jerry Provides The Information, Laughter FollowsJerry Recco got things started Friday with the story surrounding the Knicks' loss to the Pistons, which spawned all sorts of conversation between Boomer and Craig.
Boomer & Carton: Jerry's Update For ConsumptionDespite a Thursday show that was chock full of guests, Jerry Recco still managed to shine.
Boomer & Carton: Jerry Recco's ContributionBoomer had no problem providing an honest assessment of his BFF/radio partner Craig's performance on the latest edition of Showtime's "Inside the NFL," which premiered Tuesday night.
Boomer & Carton: A Card Trick And An Update For The MassesOnce Craig finally got through wowing everyone with his brand new card trick, Jerry Recco kept the astonishment train rolling by delivering one of his informative and entertaining sports updates.
Boomer & Carton: Jerry Recco Has Updates, Will TravelThe update maven that is Jerry Recco also made his way out to San Francisco in anticipation of Super Bowl 50 and was clearly intent on representing the East Coast properly on Monday morning.
Boomer & Carton: Chris Simms Goes Viral And Here's Jerry (Recco)Chris Simms has done an admirable job filling in for Boomer all week long and on Thursday's radio program Phil's oldest son "went viral," which Craig sure got a kick out of.
Boomer & Carton: Alexandra Is A Big Fan Of One Jerry ReccoEarly Thursday morning the guys heard from Alexandra, who was calling in from Brooklyn.
Boomer & Carton: Jerry Recco Makes Do With What He HasAfter a light night in the world of sports, Jerry Recco had his work cut out for him Thursday morning with regards to his updating duties.

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