WFAN Morning Show: C-Lo Delivers The Friday GoodsChris Lopresti finished off the work week strong with another informative and entertaining update.
WFAN Morning Show: C-Lo's Stellar Thursday UpdateChris Lopresti was sitting in for -- and next to -- the "update maven" that is Jerry Recco on Thursday morning.
WFAN Morning Show: Sharp-Dressed Jerry Watches His ProtégéBoomer couldn't help but notice the nice, freshly pressed shirt Jerry Recco was wearing Wednesday morning.
WFAN Morning Show: C-Lo Makes Jerry ProudWith Jerry Recco getting more and more comfortable in "the power chair," the ever-capable Chris Lopresti has been busy making his mark in the "other" chair.
WFAN Morning Show: C-Lo Gets After It On The Update FrontChris Lopresti showed up in the Investors Bank Studio on Monday morning prepared to deliver a well-rounded update. He did just that.
WFAN Morning Show: Update Star Chris Lopresti In The HouseYou name it, he's talking about it. Chris Lopresti continued his update excellence on Friday.
WFAN Morning Show: Chris Lopresti's Big-Boy UpdateAfter he got through telling Boomer about how much he has matured since meeting the Blonde Bomber many years back, Chris Lopresti refocused and delivered a stellar update on Thursday morning.
C-Lo Proves To Be An Unstoppable Force On The Update FrontChris Lopresti handled update duties once again Wednesday morning and did so with flair.
C-Lo Steps Up Strong, Shows The Master Everything He Has LearnedChris Lopresti would be the first to admit that Jerry Recco has certainly earned the "update maven" moniker and would even go so far as to call him a mentor of sorts.
Jerry Recco's First Update Of The New WeekJerry Recco rose to the occasion on Monday morning, offering up a stacked update that featured a lot of talk about the poor starts to the NFL season by the Jets and Giants.
Jerry Offers Up A Jam-Packed Football Friday UpdateJerry Recco had a full plate for his Football Friday update.
Back In His Update Chair, Jerry Recco Gets His Game WorkingJerry Recco made himself comfortable in the Investors Bank Studio on Thursday morning.

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