Jerry Recco

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Boomer & Carton: Jerry Recco Shows Off His Hairy Arms For An Update

Jerry Recco wore a short-sleeved shirt this morning to enjoy the beautiful New York City weather…


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Boomer & Carton: No Time For Coddling During Jerry’s Update

Jerry Recco’s update is a must-listen after a weekend like the one that just passed. So here you are — you’ll surely thank me later…



Boomer & Carton Podcast, Jerry The HOF’er And MOTD: February 5, 2014

Some very exciting news, as we learned this morning that our very own Jerry Recco will be inducted to the St. John Vianney Hall of Fame this March for his accomplishments since graduating back in 1992.


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Boomer & Carton: Jerry Recco Gets His Morning Show Knowledge Tested

Before delivering his final update or his highly anticipated ‘Moment of the Day,’ Jerry Recco had his knowledge of the morning show tested by Craig, who prepared a quiz for the occasion…


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Boomer & Carton: Tension In The Studio Leads To A Rap Battle

Al Dukes has really taken a likening to the rap game. But on Friday morning it took a wild turn as Al was challenged by Boomer Esiason, Craig Carton and Jerry Recco!


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Boomer & Carton: Jerry’s ‘Show And Tell’ Goes Horribly Wrong

Today it was Jerry Recco’s turn to participate in the ‘Boomer & Carton Show And Tell’ portion of the program. And as you probably concluded from the headline, things did not go well for poor Jerry…


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Boomer & Carton: Jerry’s Monday Morning Blemish — Er, Update

Before he could even say good morning, Jerry Recco was forced to explain the unbecoming growth on his face.


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B&C Morning Show: Jerry Has No Interest In Refraining

Friday morning we heard a story about a boxer named Carl Froch, who refrained from sexual relations with his gal pal for three months based on the belief it would make him better at his fighting job.


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B&C Morning Show: Jerry Is Worried About Craig The ‘Fat Wad’

Craig didn’t seem all that worried as he polished off his second cupcake. But Boomer sure noticed.


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B&C Morning Show: Jerry Gets Boxed Out By The Booms

Amar’e Stoudemire revealed that he has never been taught how to play defense – that nugget of information led to a demonstration involving Jerry and the Booms…


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B&C Morning Show: Reflecting On Trip To DC

Well the entire crew made it back in one piece after seeing a very entertaining football game, but the question on Craig’s mind: Why was Al so miserable?


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B&C Morning Show: Blame Jerry Recco

If you’re looking to blame someone for blowing Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green’s comments about the Giants defense way out of proportion, look no further than our very own Jerry Recco.


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B&C Morning Show: Could Jerry Have Made It To Work? Amar’e Out, But For How Long?

To Jerry’s credit, he made an effort to get here, but claimed the NJ Turnpike was closed, in turn thwarting his progress. Enter a loyal listener named Javier.


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B&C Morning Show: Jerry’s Latest Gaffe

Earlier in the show, Craig had requested a few different calls of Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray’s 48-yard scamper — and he bestowed the task upon the capable Jerry Recco. As it turns out Jerry may not have been the right man for the job.


Michael Pineda (credit: Leon Halip/Getty Images)

Keidel: Pineda The Pinhead Making Yankees Look Foolish

It’s time to officially ponder –- if not pummel –- the trade that sent Jesus Montero to Seattle and brought Pineda to, well, rehab. All the signs point toward Ollie Perez Avenue. Or, worse … Carl Pavano.