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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Protect The Shield? Or Cover His Butt? Roger Goodell Has Some Explaining To Do

The NFL Commissioner was either willfully ignorant of the Ray Rice elevator tape or just plain incompetent, and neither bodes well for his future.


Derek Jeter (credit: Nick Laham/Getty Images)

Memo To MLB: Time To Make Attendance Mandatory Or End The All-Star Game

Absent from the endless discussions about how to improve baseball’s All-Star game was the one that would solve all the problems immediately. End it.


Roger Clemens arrives at the U.S. District Court on July 6, 2010 in Washington, DC. (credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Roger Clemens Trial: A ‘Rocket’ That Never Should Have Launched

The perjury trial of Roger Clemens, if nothing else, should serve as a cautionary tale. While lawmakers might not mind deceiving each other — let alone the rest of us — about a wide range of issues, they’re in no hurry to extend that privilege to anyone else.


Jorge Posada #20 of the New York Yankees looks on from the bench during the game against the Boston Red Sox on May 14, 2011 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City. Posada pulled himself from the starting lineup prior to the start of the game. (credit: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Jorge Posada Brouhaha Might Be First Of Many For Yankees

Jorge Posada’s days as a Yankee are numbered. The moment he told his manager he’d rather sit down than hit from the No. 9 hole sealed it. The real shame is that he’s likely just the first in a long line headed out the door in New York.


Sean Avery (credit: YouTube.com/hrcmedia)

Rangers’ Sean Avery Backs Same-Sex Marriage, Sparks Debate

Most pro athletes would just as soon try to catch a puck with their teeth as speak out about a societal issue that risks forcing fans to really choose sides. There have been exceptions, of course, most notably Muhammad Ali. Now we have Sean Avery.


MLB Commissioner Bud Selig (credit: Elsa/Getty Images)

Is MLB Commissioner Bud Selig Losing Touch With Fans?

Bud Selig prides himself on being a student of history. In two judgments last week, though, baseball’s long-serving steward reminded us he can be a fan of selective memory, too, so long as it suits his purpose.


Carmelo Anthony, taking his own advice. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

Carmelo’s ‘Relax’ Edict Not The Answer To Knicks’ Woes

When the just-arrived star of your suddenly struggling team says the solution is “to relax and just have fun,” you know you’re skunked. Nine times out of 10, it means he doesn’t have a clue.


A lockout could send fans off the deep end. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Giants, Jets Fans: What Will You Do If NFL Lockout Kills Season?

The NFL is so popular that five million tuned in for at least a few moments last week to watch young men in spandex lift weights at the league’s annual scouting combine. But what if there’s nothing to watch next season? What will you do?


Former NBA star Allen Iverson is surrounded by cheering supporters of Besiktas at the Ataturk airport in Istanbul, Turkey, Monday, Nov. 8, 2010. Iverson signed a two-year $4 million contract to play for the Turkish basketball team Besiktas. (AP Photo/Ibrahim Usta)

Iverson Arrives In Istanbul For Turkish Stint

Former NBA star Allen Iverson arrived in Istanbul on Monday to begin a stint with Turkish club Besiktas, promising to give fans “something they haven’t seen before.”