Jim Nantz

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B&C Morning Show: More On Jim Nantz’s Nuptials

Craig refused to let go of the fact that Boomer was not invited to Nantz’s wedding over the weekend, so he told Al Dukes to reach out to James ‘What About The Dogs’ Brown.


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B&C Morning Show: Jim Nantz Gets Married, Fails To Extend Boomer An Invitation

Craig was both happy and confused to learn that his old friend Jim ‘hello friends’ Nantz got married over the weekend at Pebble Beach.


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B&C Morning Show: Tiger’s Humility; Nantz’s Hatred?

Following his come-from-behind win at the Memorial on Sunday, Tiger Woods displayed his version of humility.


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B&C Morning Show: Dan Rather Announces This Year’s ‘Pulse Of The People’ Nominees

Without further adieu, what a thrill it was to have broadcast legend Dan Rather on-hand today to announce the lucky nominees for this year’s highly coveted ‘Pulse of the People’ award.


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B&C Morning Show: Gus Johnson Loses Yet Another Gig

Word is Craig’s buddy Gus Johnson will be replaced by another of Craigie’s pal’s, Jim ‘hello friends’ Nantz as the play-by-play voice in the ‘Madden 13’ video game.


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B&C Morning Show: Carmelo Has A Little Nantz In Him; Craig Offers Heartfelt Apology

After seeing Melo’s hanging on the wall, Craig said he would mind having a painting of himself to decorate his home.


NYC Boomer and Carton Podcast - Edited

B&C Morning Show: Thursday’s Podcast, More With Jim Nantz and MOTD

Jim Nantz had no where to go, so he stuck around for Jerry Recco’s update and highly anticipated ‘Moment of the Day’, before all of that though, he got to listen to the many sounds of Recco.


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B&C Morning Show: Jim Nantz Says ‘Hello Friends’ In The Allstate Studio

Despite getting the news that his buddy Craigie would not be in, to his credit, Nantz still agreed to make the trip to Manhattan.


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B&C Morning Show: Jim Nantz Vs. Al Michaels

NBC would rather air the Tom Brady-Tim Tebow match-up and due to NFL’s flex scheduling rules, they just might get their wish.


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B&C Morning Show: What Was That, Craig?

When Boomer heard Craig utter a foreign sound that would have made Jim Nantz proud, he instructed ‘the’ Eddie Scozzare to isolate it so he could have a little fun at his radio partner’s expense.


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B&C Morning Show: Jim Nantz Could Face The Morning Show Music

Speaking of conflicts, Boomer was happy to announce that Craig’s old buddy Jim ‘eww Hello Friends’ Nantz may break his Morning Show boycott and once again be part of the Extravaganza in the very near future.



B&C Morning Show: Shedding Light On Jim Nantz’s Sensitivity

While broadcasting Tom Brady’s 517-yard performance against the Dolphins during Sunday’s Chargers-Patriots game, Phil Simms, alongside his partner Jim “Ehh Hello Friends” Nantz, took a few shots at Boomer.


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B&C Morning Show: Jim Nantz Is Not A Fan Of Craig Carton

When a listener called in pretending to be Jim Nantz, Craig was not fooled. Not because the impression wasn’t a good one (it wasn’t) but because Nantz refuses to be part of the B&C Morning Extravaganza these days.


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B&C Morning Show: Jim Nantz Honored In More Ways Than One

Craig’s old buddy Jim Nantz is being honored with the ‘Pete Rozelle Radio-Television Award.’ All of that seemed to be lost on Craigie though.


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2011 Masters: Ann Liguori Blogs Live From Augusta

Augusta National Chairman Billy Payne held his annual address and described some of the new additions and improvements to the grounds and to the course.