Giglio: WFAN's 'Fantasy Phenom' Made My Dream Come TrueThe end of that journey was the start of my career. My initial year at WFAN was a learning experience and opened the door to opportunities in writing and podcasting.
Giglio: Mets Have Overachieved So Far, So Please Get Off Terry Collins' BackStop blaming Terry Collins. As someone who has argued against Collins’ job security for years, I can’t believe I just typed that sentence.
Giglio: Mets Don't Need Repeat Of 1st Base Sham, Name Lagares Starter NowAlthough the Mets are under no pressure to make any announcements surrounding Lagares, expect questions to arise soon due to Chris Young’s impending arrival back from the disabled list.
Giglio: Jason Kidd Deserves Time To Prove Himself In Brooklyn If the Nets continue to struggle, feel free to point out injuries and issues with chemistry, but give the head coach a chance to get his feet wet before declaring that he can’t do the job.
Giglio: Eli's Last Hurdle? Saving The Giants From Themselves For the Giants to save their season, their best player must rise above the mess around him. No one is questioning Manning's credentials, but his future is still up for debate.
Giglio: It's Become An Afterthought, But Rex Is A Defensive GeniusWhen Ryan’s defense stops opponents on a weekly basis, we take it for granted and point to the aspects of coaching that he doesn’t excel at.
Giglio: New England Gift Foreshadows Jets Ultimate FateRemove the names, jerseys, decals and narratives from the equation on Thursday and you are left with this indisputable fact...
Giglio: 48 Predictions On The Road To Super Bowl XLVIIIWeek-to-week storylines around the NFL will continue to be unpredictable for experts. Joe Giglio gives his 48 predictions to watch during the 2013 NFL season.
Giglio: Concussion Settlement Overshadows NFL’s Future Issues It feels more like a band-aid than a true fix to the overarching problem the NFL has on it’s hands: How to keep players safe when they are playing, and, possibly even more impactful, making sure their post-career lives are intact.
Giglio: Smith Has The Chance To Knock Sanchez Out Of Jets QB DerbyIf the right signal caller is chosen, the Jets will be better off in the short and long-term. Saturday night should big a major measuring stick in deciding a winner between Smith and Sanchez.
Giglio: Sanchez Vs. Smith Overshadowing True Jets Battle The many storylines around the Jets have fallen by the wayside as the quarterback battle has gained steam. But one narrative should not be ignored: Rex Ryan vs. John Idzik.
Giglio: Alex Rodriguez Rhetoric Should Not Be Personal It’s more than acceptable to dislike Rodriguez, but acting as if his punishment and process should be different than that of any other player because of his paycheck, accolades or insecure personality is ridiculous.

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