John Doherty

Christmas Weekend Blizzard in Manhattan (credit: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)

NYC Determined To Make Residents Forget 2010 Storm Response Blunder

After badly botching last December’s blizzard response, the city sanitation commissioner promised his department is re-tooled and ready for the next one.


Emergency NYC Snow Laborers (file / credit: NYC Department of Sanitation)

NYC Sanitation Dept. Wants You To Earn Money For Shoveling Snow

The Department of Sanitation is now registering emergency snow laborers who can be called upon to remove snow and ice citywide.


(credit: by David Goldman/Getty Images)

NYC Sanitation Department Seeking Help To Plow And Haul Snow

In a release, the city agency said that the contractors would help the DSNY with plowing and snow hauling from tertiary streets “as needed” when storms were forecast to bring 6 or more inches of snow.


NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 21: Snow covers rocks in a park on the waterfront near the Brooklyn Bridge January 21, 2011. (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

Bitter Cold Hits Tri-State As Another Storm Looms

New York City’s Office of Emergency Management issued a Hazardous Travel Advisory due to a forecasted snow storm that will cause dangerous travel conditions for the Friday morning rush hour.


AccuWeather Graphic

Fast-Moving Snow To Impact Morning Commute

A winter weather advisory was issued Thursday night through 8 a.m. Friday for northeastern New Jersey, the Lower Hudson Valley and New York City.


Firefighters in Bensonhurst helping remove snow (credit: CBS 2)

City Council Blasts NYC Commissioners Over Blizzard Snafu

The hearings made it crystal clear — the city’s response to the Dec. 26 blizzard was too little, too late, and key decisions were simply not made by city leaders on autopilot.


Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty (AP Photo/Office of the Mayor, Samantha Modell)

Bloomberg, Dept. Heads Prep For Blizzard Hearing

Members of the Bloomberg administration will finally be called on the carpet on Monday to publicly explain how they blew the blizzard response.


Dept. of Sanitation show plow in wrong position

Councilman: Feds Open Probe In Alleged Slowdown

Queens Councilman Dan Halloran says workers were told they wouldn’t be written up or “tightly scrutinized” for missing routes and skipping streets.


NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Bloomberg Admits NYC Flubbed Blizzard Response

Streets remain in the city’s outer boroughs that still haven’t been plowed three days after the tri-state was blasted with a weekend blizzard, and Mayor Bloomberg is admitting the city messed up.


East 94th Street in Brooklyn

Mayor: Roads May Be Plowed By Wednesday Night … Maybe

On the day after the day after, New Yorkers were left wondering what happened. There are still many streets that haven’t seen a plow yet.


(Photo/Johan Lange)

Sanitation Workers Already On The Roads

New York City sanitation workers are underway in the efforts to clean up what snow has already fallen in the area.