John Falcone

CBS 2's Lou Young

Through A New York Eye: CBS 2’s Lou Young Looks Back On 2011

The eye remembers the strangest things; Like news itself, not always the most important or profound.


Officer John Falcone's casket is carried at his funeral on Feb. 24, 2011. (credit: Catherine Cioffi)

Slain Poughkeepsie Officer John Falcone Remembered

Falcone was gunned down Friday during a shootout with 22-year-old Lee Welch, a Catskill native who, police said, had just shot his own wife in front of the couple’s 3-year-old daughter.


Poughkeepsie officer shot

Poughkeepsie Police: Officer Falcone Shot In ‘Close Struggle’ With Suspect

While there had been earlier speculation of friendly fire, Police Chief Ron Knapp said neither “the suspect nor the officer were killed by other officers.”